App-roaching the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl 50 kicks off on Sunday and, for Americans, no sports event is bigger in size or scope. Players on the field are busy preparing for the big day, but off the field, fans are turning to their phones and apps to best plan for the Super Bowl experience. To determine which apps are the best to use on game-day, SimilarWeb data was used to look at which apps were popular last year, on Super Bowl Sunday 2015. For this study, 13 apps were … Continue reading

New Countries in App Engagement

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SimilarWeb is proud to announce that we have added 10 new countries to our app engagement metrics, further enhancing the scope of our online digital insights. These new countries are: Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. In these countries, our data can show several engagement metrics as well as other vital information such as ‘Audience Interests’- apps used more than average by users who also use the selected app, ‘Usage Patterns’- what time people use the selected app, and ‘Retention’- showing how … Continue reading

Hottest U.S. Apps of 2016

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2016 is only one month old, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to find out which apps are the hottest in the U.S. so far this year. SimilarWeb’s ‘Usage Rank’ rating, can discover the top ten apps trending upwards, and top ten apps trending downwards. The Usage Rank rating is calculated based on a SimilarWeb algorithm that factors in ‘Current Installs’ and ‘Active Users’ in a selected country- in this case the U.S.     To determine the hottest and coldest apps … Continue reading

The Reply All Effect

Reply All is an extremely popular podcast that launched in November 2014 by Gimlet Media, a digital media company created by American entrepreneur Alex Blumberg. The show titles itself as, “A show about the Internet,” and launches a new episode every Wednesday. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the podcast explores different corners of the internet and this often involves taking a deep dive into a particular website or app. This exposure has, in many cases, led to a major increase in … Continue reading

REPORT: UK Online Sports Betting

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2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the online gaming industry. Regulatory changes are taking place and many operators are looking towards consolidation to deal with the changing game field. With impending mergers and acquisitions and a new point of consumption tax 2016 should be an extremely interesting year for the industry   How did the introduction of the point of consumption tax affect web traffic in 2015? SimilarWeb’s online sports betting report helps answer that question and many more. The … Continue reading

Shopping Goes Mobile

The world is going mobile and shopping sites are leading the way. To discover just how strong the mobile shopping trend is, we examined the top 25 online retail websites in 5 countries: India, U.K., U.S.A., Germany, and France. Different in each country, these 25 sites represent the top sites in terms of desktop and mobile visits in 2015. They also make up a sizable share of the entire online shopping sector in each country. In India, for example, the … Continue reading

DuckDuckGo: Who are Their Users and How are They Different?

DuckDuckgo was founded in 2008 as an alternative search engine that respects user privacy and claims to have a “superior search experience with smarter answers.” Users of DuckDuckGo flock to the site to avoid the filter bubble of personalized search results. The number of people who used the search engine grew in 2015, and according to DuckDuckGo, they had one day last month with over 12 million search queries.     This increase in search queries can be correlated to the traffic increase … Continue reading

INDEX: Top Media Publishers and Publications of 2015

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SimilarWeb is proud to release the complete rankings of U.S. media publishers and publications of 2015.   The data was collected by examining the top publishers and publications based on combining desktop and mobile page-views in the U.S in 2015. Not all of the publishers and publications are American-owned but, instead, they represent the most read media in the U.S. In the lists below, you will find the top 50 publishers and publications along with a link to discover the next largest in each category.   These top media … Continue reading

SimilarWeb Digital Visionary Awards: 2015

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The SimilarWeb “Digital Visionaries Awards” analyzed millions of websites in order to identify the best performing and most rapidly growing sites in the U.S over the course of 2015. For some brands, 2015 was an amazing year of digital success and we are happy to present the winners in 12 unique categories: Travel, Entertainment, Education, Banking, Finance, Fashion, Shopping, Gaming, Adult, Tech News, Business News, and News & Media.   The awards were calculated by comparing each website’s average 12-month SimilarWeb ranking in … Continue reading