REPORT: Multichannel vs. Online-only Retailers

The Multichannel vs. Online-only Retail Report reveals retail giants like Amazon and eBay have mastered the art of capturing and keeping shoppers engaged. Most retailers who began in traditional brick-and-mortar stores are not performing as well —  Kohl’s and IKEA visitors spend an average of 7:49 minutes on site, almost 120 seconds less than Amazon and eBay. Looking at the top 25 online U.S. retailers by volume of web traffic, we compared online-only retailers with multichannel retailers that transitioned their business from physical storefronts to develop successful … Continue reading

FanDuel and DraftKings: Is Online Fantasy Sports Here to Stay?

FanDuel vs. DraftKings
With millions of monthly visits to the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites and apps FanDuel and DraftKings, the question remains whether this new breed of online companies and their growing fanbase are in for the long haul.   Gambling by Any Other Name   While office brackets for NCAA college football and basketball tournaments have been a nationwide tradition for decades, nobody has ever been successfully prosecuted for betting in office pools. DFS websites take traditional betting to another level, … Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Popular American Sports Leagues by Country

American sports leagues are going global, attracting the attention of a growing fanbase beyond North America. We looked at SimilarWeb data to compare desktop web traffic across the websites of the four major American sports leagues – the National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League.   NBA Emerges as Blowout Winner In the global playing field (or court), the NBA wins with 625.5 million desktop visits over the NFL’s 585.5 million. Although American Football dominates in the … Continue reading

US Retail Report: America’s Online Shopping Frenzy

US Holiday Shopping Frenzy
Our latest US Retail Report reveals the top winners during last year’s holiday shopping season and what the results means for the retail industry. SimilarWeb data shows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are the three highest traffic days of the year – setting the bar until the next holiday shopping season. In fact, Black Friday 2014 delivered nearly 100% more mobile and desktop visits to leading e-tailers than the average day over the last 12 months. Cyber Monday 2014 showed a similar increase, attracting … Continue reading

AliExpress Achieves Record Singles’ Day Growth in UK, Russia and Europe

Originally the day for Chinese students to celebrate bachelorhood, Singles Day has become a global e-commerce phenomenon primarily as a result of Alibaba Group’s meteoric success. This year, November 11th (11.11) was also a world blockbuster for as the Chinese online giant achieved huge traffic spikes in its major growth markets.     Alibaba Group Holdings reported a blockbuster $14.3 billion in sales during China’s Singles’ Day on Wednesday, mostly from domestic sales. However, SimilarWeb data shows the company’s AliExpress platform … Continue reading

Top 10 Free Android Apps in USA for October

We’ve just released our Android App Index data for the US. SimilarWeb’s proprietary ranking is calculated based on percentage of devices with the app installed, number of sessions per user, and average session duration.       While the top free Android apps remain relatively stable, some trends are worth a closer look. Although Snapchat doesn’t appear to have moved significantly over the past couple of months, it ranks 9 on the index. The app has been slumping down consistently since May, when it held the number … Continue reading

US Elections 2016 Report: Bernie Sanders Getting More Traffic Than All Candidates Combined

Our latest US Presidential Election Report shows Bernie Sanders is winning the internet, generating more traffic to his campaign website than all other candidates combined. The Democratic candidate secured over 5 million visits to his website in September – leading the field among challengers from both parties. In contrast, his nearest competitors, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, recorded visits of 1.6 million and 1.35 million, respectively, to their campaign sites. The analysis of 10 leading candidates from July to September 2015, … Continue reading

These 5 Mega Shopping Days Dominate Online Retail in the UK

In our latest UK Retail Report, SimilarWeb data shows the holiday shopping season is dominated by five Mega Shopping days. The UK holiday shopping season continues to follow the American retail industry, importing Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday while adding a unique local flavor. These five mega shopping days are topping the traffic charts of the holiday season and indeed the entire fiscal year:   1. Thanksgiving Day The federal American holiday has marked the launch of the … Continue reading

WebSummit 2015 Goes Social & Mobile

The SimilarWeb team had an awesome time at WebSummit 2015 in Dublin. It’s always a pleasure to connect in person and share our passion for online success. The WebSummit event is of course a great success story itself. Worldwide traffic hit an all-time high this year, increasing 39.3% compared to 2014 mainly due to focus on social and mobile. A deeper analysis of the traffic data shows a combination of social and mobile contributed to dramatic growth.   In 2014, … Continue reading

3 Reasons ESPN Killed Grantland

ESPN announced it is shutting down Grantland, the sports and popular culture themed news site launched by Bill Simmons in 2011. When ESPN did not renew Mr. Simmons’ contract reportedly estimated at $3 million, he resigned in May just four months before it was set to expire. While many speculated Grantland owed most of its traffic to the founder’s personal touch, traffic data over the past year suggests otherwise.   1. Bill Simmons Stepped Out   Simmons fans warned that removing the site’s … Continue reading