Unlock your competitor's analytics, compare website traffic statistics and discover valuable insights about desktop traffic sources, marketing strategies and surprising marketing opportunities.


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what's in for you?

  • better media buying

    Uncover all the sources of your competitor traffic success: from social networks, referral traffic, display ads, mail, SEO keyword and Paid Search.

  • Monitor your competition

    Stay on top of your competitors and benchmark your site's performance against theirs. Identify new partners finding the sites visited by your competitors' audience.

  • Improve Your Conversion

    Discover the most visited pages on your competitors' sites. Learn from their content by finding their successes and failures to improve your own website's experience.

  • Find New Business Opportunities

    Expand your business by discovering additional countries to monetize, similar websites to partner with and new PR sources that could be working for you.

key features

  • Competitor Traffic sources

    see where all referrals come from

    Uncover all your competitors' traffic sources from search, social networks, referrals, ads and mail. Optimize your campaigns with powerful knowledge about what works for them.

  • top content

    find what pages get the most traffic

    Discover how your competitor’s websites perform at the page, folder and sub domain level. Learn from your competitor’s website content, find their successes and failures and improve your own website’s experience.

  • Search Intelligence

    All your competitor keywords – paid & organic

    Find your competitors' best performing organic and paid keywords to optimize your own SEO activity and PPC.

  • Social Insights

    Measure the traffic from social networks

    Measure the real impact that every social network has on your competitors' web traffic and understand how they engage their audience with knowledge about their best-performing social posts.


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  • Social Traffic?
  • Display Advertising Traffic?
  • Industry Analysis?
  • Breakdown By Country?
  • Popular Pages?


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what customers say about us

  • SimilarWeb is a must-have for any business leader to fully understand competition and unlock new opportunities for online growth.

    - Joe Zwiebel,
    President of New England Business Media
  • SimilarWeb PRO is an awesome tool for competitive insights to discover new sources of traffic to grow our business.

    - Selmi Chakim,
    Head of Media at William Hill
  • SimilarWeb PRO is hands down the best value for money I've ever spent for an online tool. I've tried many alternatives and SimilarWeb is by far more accurate than any of its competitors, making it the best solution for breadth of data, accuracy, speed and presentation.

    - Lior Golan,
    CTO at Taboola
  • Working for an e-commerce start-up, I use SimilarWeb for prospecting new potential clients and love it.

    - Zach Feinberg,
    eCommerce Conversion Consultant & Social

frequently asked questions

What is the difference between SimilarWeb PRO and

SimilarWeb is a free research tool to help you measure the web, providing an overview of website desktop traffic statistics for any site. This is a powerful competitive intelligence platform for marketers, business analysts, affiliate managers, and media buyers to discover, analyze and benchmark competitor activity. With SimilarWeb PRO you can compare website desktop traffic and get the full depth of data and insights to dive into your competitors' paid, search, social and display marketing strategies. While SimilarWeb shows a small sample of the key traffic sources for any site, SimilarWeb PRO users get a chance to see the entire picture about their competitor's web traffic - with complete lists of referring sites, traffic sources, paid & organic keywords, popular pages and more.

How often is the data updated?

The data on SimilarWeb is updated on a monthly basis.

Do I need any training to use SimilarWeb?

Not at all! We work hard to make web insights easy to read so you don’t have to. If you have ever used Google Analytics or any similar tool you'll be quickly familiar with our dashboard. Our site is easy to navigate and we avoid jargon at all costs. It makes no difference if you’re an avid digital researcher or this is your first time gathering web insights. Your time on SimilarWeb should be fun, insightful and easy.

How accurate is the data presented on SimilarWeb?

Having the largest panel in the industry for web measurement generates our data to be exceedingly accurate. However, websites with lower traffic means that our sample size is smaller and for these websites, the level of accuracy may decrease.