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Analyze Websites

  • Support marketing decisions with data-driven insights

    Make better marketing decisions and benchmark against your competitors by analyzing their historical data for number of visits and user engagement.

  • Discover keyword treasures for your SEO & PPC campaigns

    See all organic and paid keywords for any website, including all Google Analytics' not-provided. Find out which search ads your competitors are running and which keyword groups are used for each ad.

  • Find new audiences, publishers and affiliates

    Find out which websites users are visiting in the same browsing session as your competitors' sites. Discover new audiences, successful retargeting lists and potential affiliates and publishers. See the top countries referring traffic to your competitor and learn about new potential markets to expand to.

  • Uncover your competitors' acquisition secrets

    Evaluate your competitors' acquisition strategies and find new potential traffic sources for your site. Discover competitors' affiliate deals and other existing partnerships by analyzing traffic sources and destinations.

  • Optimize your content & track conversion paths

    Analyze your competitors' conversion funnels and estimate their revenue by seeing the traffic share per visited page. Track competitors' campaigns and uncover successful UI and content strategies based on page popularity.

Desktops visits & engagement over time
Traffic share by source
Traffic growth from last month
Traffic by referrer per source
Traffic share by source

Analyze Industries

  • Build your marketing strategy with a bird's eye view

    Analyze an industry based on traffic volume and traffic sources for your target industry and market. Benchmark against an entire industry and discover your growth potential.

  • Find innovative keyword ideas for SEO & PPC campaigns

  • Discover opportunities for your target industry

Analyze Mobile Apps

  • Get any app's usage data

    See the real current installs for any app and assess its value based on active users and usage rank. Benchmark your app against category leaders.

  • Build better acquisition & optimization strategies

    Adjust your acquisition and optimization strategies based on actual audience interests and discover apps for new advertising opportunities. See all categories that are of interest to your potential audiences.

  • Analyze & benchmark the retention rate of competing apps

    Find out how long users are continuing to use a competitor's app and discover its potential life span. Benchmark retention against specific categories and leader boards (top free, top grossing, etc).

  • Build your ASO strategy based on traffic volume of keywords to any app

    Build better ASO strategies by finding out which keywords refer traffic to competing apps and to entire categories. Discover new competitors by revealing which apps are getting traffic from keywords you target.

Current installs from all Android users
Active users from current installs
Category index based on engagement

Outbrain has been using SimilarWeb for over a year and it's been instrumental for our ability to analyze our competitive environment, benchmark our performance, keep track of industry trends, and generate new leads.

Asaf Hochman
Senior Director of Product Marketing,

SimilarWeb’s data gives PlayBuzz an edge over the competition because we can pull insights about trending topics across the web and allows us to compete against bigger and more resourced companies in the publishing industry

Shaul Olmert
CEO & Founder,

SimilarWeb is a game changer for SEOs like myself. I can choose keywords based on accurate traffic data to see which ones are truly worth the time investment. And this is in addition to the fact that SimilarWeb is the only platform to show global (not provided) Google organic search terms.

Steve Wiideman

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