4 Apps Killing It on User Engagement

In the mobile app world, getting users to fall in love with your app is absolutely essential for the long term health and ASO of your app. Research from our Uninstalls Report showed that users will download tons of apps but will decide which they want to keep and which they want to uninstall within the first 3-7 days.

Below are four examples of apps who are killing it on user engagement metrics and who have been extremely successful at getting users addicted to their apps.



Released in early April of this year, Slither.io quickly climbed the app charts and as of late June, the app was the top ranked Android action game in the US according to SimilarWeb’s Usage Rank. This Usage Rank takes into account Current Installs of the app and Active Users of the App. When looking at all Android apps in the US, Slither.io ranks 54th overall as of June 25th, beating out well-established apps such as eBay (55th), Skype (64th), Hangouts (67th), Tinder (71st), and many many more.

Slither.io was able to achieve this impressive rank not just by getting a massive amount of users to install the app, but also by getting users addicted to the app. Over the last 28 days, the average Active App Usage rate was 21.1% with peaks occurring usually on the weekend. This high usage percentage was not just confined to the US; in other countries such as the UK, Russia, and Germany, the trend repeats itself and a high percent of Active App Users can be seen across the board.

For comparison’s sake, over the same period in the US, Color Switch had an average usage of 11.8%, Hungry Shark World was at 8.2%, Agar.io was at 7% and Temple Run 2 was at 5.6%.


Boom Beach

Created by Supercell, the company that was recently purchased by Tencent for $8.6 billion, Boom Beach is another example of a game knocking it out of the park on app engagement metrics. Over the period from January to May 2016, the app had an Active App Usage rate of 30.1% in the US, extremely impressive for a game app. This trend was evident all over the world with Turkey showing an extremely high Active App Usage rate of 47.3%!


Bleacher Report

Team Stream by Bleacher Report is Bleacher Report’s official Android app and allows users to easily follow and access sports news. As of May 2016, the app was installed on 1.54% of all US Android devices, well below the ESPN app which had a US install rate of 4.9%. However, when it comes to user engagement, it’s no contest, and Team Stream has the upper hand both on Active App Users and Usage Time.

In the period from January to May 2016, Team Stream had an active user base of 30.8%, much higher than the 18.8% enjoyed by ESPN. Furthermore, when looking at Usage Time, the average daily time spent within the Team Stream app was 9 minutes 46 seconds, edging out the 6 minutes 53 seconds spent within the ESPN app. Even when looking at other top news apps such as Buzzfeed, Fox, and CNN, Bleacher Report doesn’t always win out on Current Installs or Usage Time, but it does beat all these major news apps when it comes to Active App Users.
app data



In one of our recent blog posts, we looked at US installs of Musical.ly and the apps quick and impressive growth. Digging deeper into the data, it becomes clear that installs aren’t the only metric on which Musical.ly excels.  Between January and May 2016, the app had an average Active App User rate of 25% among Android users in the US. Furthermore, on Usage Time, US Android users of the app spent an average of over 23 minutes a day using Musical.ly. Compare that to the 11 minutes 50 seconds people spent within Spotify or the 7 minutes 58 seconds users spent within Dubsmash and the Musical.ly data becomes even more impressive.

This high usage US Usage Time isn’t repeated elsewhere in the world, but still, in every country examined, users spent over 10 minutes a day creating, sharing, and discovering short videos.


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