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Reddit is a great place to head when you want to know what’s creating a buzz in this crazy world. Powered by a bulletin board system, Reddit uses text, images and videos to engage visitors and allows them to vote content up or down. It’s an exciting platform and one that’s caught my attention, so I’ve decided to share 5 really cool facts about Reddit I found using SimilarWeb PRO

1. Most Popular Boards On Reddit

Loading up SimilarWeb PRO and heading to Website Content > Popular Pages allowed me to analyze the most popular pages on Reddit.

The most popular board on the planet is the League of Legends board which is a tie-in with the popular online game and allows tips, videos and discussions to take place. In second position is the Funny board which mostly features memes and gags.  Coming up next is the videos board containing skits, music performances and amazing science videos. The rest of the top 10 throw up some interesting features – AskReddit is a board to ask questions on life, the universe and the mundane, while the most popular sports board is the Soccer board. Overall, SimilarWeb PRO shows that Reddit is a site full of diverse content with a bias towards gaming and media content.GlobalBoardsReddit

2. The Reddit Phenomenon

Reddit is popular all over the world and SimilarWeb PRO provided me with the most popular countries sending traffic to Reddit between February ’14 – July ’14. The United States provides over half the traffic reaching Reddit, the UK just pips Canada in second place, Australia finds itself in fourth place and Germany is the biggest provider of traffic in the non-English speaking world.


Global distribution of traffic share by country for Reddit from February ’14 – July ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

The world is a multicultural place with different customs and interests, so how does this affect the usage of Reddit in the top 5 traffic providing countries?

United States

The most popular board in the USA is the Funny board which indicates that the Americans really like having their funny bone tickled. League of Legends is in second place and provides further proof of its worldwide dominance in engaging gamers. The third most popular board is the Videos section and shows that Americans are very keen on their visual entertainment. The NBA board is the most popular sports board in the USA, but the Soccer board also proves popular and highlights the sport’s growing popularity with Americans.USABoardsReddit

United Kingdom

Like the USA, the UK’s favourite destination on Reddit is the Funny board which highlights the great sense of humour that the British are famed for. The Gaming board is in second place and hints at a national obsession with gaming. The desire for visual entertainment is also very popular in the UK as the Videos board pops up in third place. League of Legends is, again, popular in the UK which ties in with the popularity of the Gaming board and the presence of the Dota 2 board in the top 10. Dota 2 is a multiplayer battle game beloved of gamers.UKBoardsReddit


Canadians are particularly taken with the League of Legends as, once again, it’s taking up the top spot and proving very popular. The Funny board is in second position and it’s not a surprise for a country which produced Jim Carrey and Mike Myers. Continuing another familiar theme, the Videos board is in third place. What’s particularly interesting about the Canada stats is that homegrown interests such as the Hockey and Toronto boards are in the top 10 and illustrate a desire for local content.CanadaBoardsReddit


Not wanting to feel left out, Australia has League of Legends sat at the very top of their popular boards chart. The Videos and Funny boards bring in the next highest traffic shares respectively and provide similar insights to the previous three countries we’ve examined. The thirst for homegrown content is again apparent with the popularity of the Australia board.OzBoardsReddit


The first non-English speaking country in our top traffic providers also has the League of Legends board proving most popular. The Funny and Gaming boards also provide further evidence of these boards popularity between continents. Gaming is particularly popular for German visitors as they flock to the German language board for League of Legends, the strategy card game Hearthstone’s board and Dota 2. More interesting is the fifth place position for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin board which points to an interest in online technology for the Germans.GermanyBoardsReddit

3. Top Exit Sites

Where does all the downstream traffic from Reddit head to? SimilarWeb PRO can show where this outgoing traffic goes, so I decided to take a quick look.

Due to the high prevalence of media links on Reddit, it’s no surprise that the two most popular exit sites are Imgur and YouTube respectively. Receiving almost half of all exit traffic, Imgur is the most popular destination  and this is partly down to the close relationship between Reddit and Imgur. Wikipedia, with its wealth of knowledge, comes in very useful for debates and conversations, so finds itself in third position although it is way behind Imgur and YouTube. The importance of media, then, cannot be underestimated for Reddit in any way, shape of form.


Most popular exit sites for Reddit from February ’14 – July ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

4. How Do People Find Reddit?

SimilarWeb PRO shows that one of the most popular sources of traffic for Reddit comes via referrals. Between February ’14 – July ’14, Reddit received 435 million visits from referrals which made up over 1/5 of Reddit’s total traffic.


Number of referrals to Reddit from February ’14 – July ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

This barely scratched the surface, though, so I decided to dig a little deeper with SimilarWeb PRO to find out who these referrers were. Imgur is the number one referrer to Reddit with 12.22% of the traffic share – this is based upon the special relationship discussed previously and marks Imgur out as a top affiliate. Feedly – the news aggregator site – is in second place and their 7.24% traffic contribution is the result of numerous Reddit feeds which can be subscribed to – this helps push regular traffic along to Reddit. The third most popular referrer is Popurls with a 5.04% traffic share. Popurls is a great affiliate who makes a concerted effort to forward traffic to Reddit via links on the Popurls homepage.


Top referrers to Reddit from February ’14 – July ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

5. Time on Site

Reddit has a number of competitors such as 4chan and Digg, so how do their engagement levels match up on the playing field?

Reddit scores the biggest number of daily visits with 11.1 million, so trounces both 4chan and Digg very comfortably. Time on site is always a very important metric and Reddit perform very well here with an average visit duration of 14:07 – this is slightly less than 4chan, but over 3 times longer than digg.com. This is a huge difference and shows just how well connected Reddit are with their audience.


Engagement metrics for Reddit, 4chan and Digg from February ’14 – July ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

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