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Angry Birds – In-Store Keywords Analysis

Carefully planning a keyword strategy is one of the first steps to take when promoting a mobile app. In today’s booming app market, more and more apps are relying on in-store organic marketing to promote their app, and the choice of keywords can make or break the app’s entire marketing strategy; with the right words you can reach the right costumers, improve conversion rate and increase the number of downloads and installations.

When planning your app’s keyword strategy, there are a number of different methods you should be aware of. We will explain and illustrate them below, using the example of the “Angry Birds” app:





Brand-name (and possible variations)

One of the top methods of attracting users to your app, is using your app’s name. Generally, this is relevant for apps that already made a name for themselves. When using the brand name method, include the possible variations or misspellings of it, to make sure you make the most out of your brand.
In the case of “Angry Birds”, we’ll use: angry birds, angri birds, angri brd, angy birs etc.

Industry terms

Used by all apps, and can be helpful when trying to reach people who are not looking for a specific app’s brand name, but a general topic.
“Angry Birds” uses terms like: free games, android games, angry etc.


Keywords need to be suited for the countries where you see a potential for growth. Translating the brand name and related general keywords into targeted-country languages is another useful method of promoting.
“Angry Bird” in Russian, for example, is – энгри бердс птички, in Korean – 앵그리버드, and so on.


Using competitors’ known brand names as keywords is a method even the strongest brands apply to intercept users from competition.
“Angry Birds” competitor keywords are: flappy bird, pou, angry granny etc., and any other similar app that has succeeded.

Popular apps

Using the names of irrelevant apps which are currently on the upward trend, is another highly effective way to bring in potential users, and is used by most apps today.
“Angry Birds” uses popular app names such as: photo editor, antivirus galaxy s4, google task etc.

General Terms

The most general words, which appear to only vaguely describe what the app does, and may seem un-related to the app, can also be used and bring in a humble portion of traffic.
“Angry birds” General term keywords: free apps, PC games, apps for PC etc., to promote our “Angry Bird” example.

Here’s a breakdown of the groups of referring keywords to “Angry Birds” on Google Play:


In this case, it’s not that Angry Birds are necessarily actively using these specific strategies in order to get ranked for them. It might be that they’re simply getting these ranks thanks to their increasing popularity. However, these stats do represent very clearly the different types of strategies we went over

Depending on you app’s maturity, popularity, growth rate, originality in the market or its initial purpose, you can choose to use all or focus on different methods at any given time,
but our example shows that using all methods is the best way of getting to the top and staying there.

You can easily analyze any app’s keyword choices to help you create your strategy and choose the right words, by using our Google Play Keywords Analysis module.

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