7 Retail Sites Killing it on Search

Search traffic is the lifeblood of the retail industry and as of January 2016, search traffic makes up a crucial 39% of the industry’s traffic, larger than any other metric. This share of search is only going up, and our recent Internet Trends Report found that shopping search traffic is up 5% since 2015. Furthermore, as we discovered in our recent UK Retail Report, the 5 most important shopping days of the year all fall within November and December, and for a shopping site to increase search traffic in February and March is extremely impressive.

This is why the 7 retail sites below are so noteworthy and why we have highlighted their recent search achievements. These sites include: asics.com, conservativeoutfitters.com, uniden.com, chubbiesshorts.com, baseballexpress.com, goldenaspprom.com, keds.com, and muji.us, and all 7 showed significant increases in US search visits February 2016.

Overall, the biggest increase was to Asics’ website who saw a massive 978% increase in search traffic between January and February 2016. Of Asics’ 159,600 search visits in February, 21% came from paid search, showing that the shoe retailer was investing on paid terms such as “volleyball shoes” which gave them no organic traffic. Conservative Outfitters, a website for Republican party apparel, has also seen huge gains in search traffic and seems to be benefiting nicely from the ongoing US election fever. Search visits to the site have continued to increase in March, 213% more than February, and it remains to be seen if search will continue to drive traffic to the site once the primaries die down and the Republican party selects its nominee. For more information on how the US elections is effecting web traffic to candidates sites, download our Presidential Election Report.


Another retailer that saw a immense growth in search visits is Chubbies Shorts, an eCommerce startup that focuses on men’s retro-style short-shorts. According to Business Insider, the company was founded by 4 Stanford graduates who only launched the business in September 2014. The website had impressive search growth in February where search visits rose 101%, entirely a result of organic search. In fact, the company doesn’t pay for any of its search terms and still received significant traffic from non-branded terms such as “swim trunks” and “mens short shorts”. 


Outside of these 7 retailers, 2 other major shopping sites saw impressive SEO gains in February only to fall back down to Earth in March. Quicksilver and Dolce & Gabbana were able to capitalize on search traffic in February with quiksilver.com seeing a 103% growth since January, and dolcegabbana.com growing 34%. Both sites then saw search decreases in March, Quiksilver dropping by 56% and Dolce & Gabbana decreasing 36%. To get back to February levels of search traffic, these 2 retailers can use SimilarWeb Pro to discover new opportunities that will allow them to deploy an effective digital search strategy.


Lastly, an honorable mention goes to cichic.com who saw an impressive 85% increase in search traffic in February, significantly upping their overall search game. Cichic was able to grow so much during February due to a major paid search campaign that the women’s fashion store utilized. In February the site received 26,400 US desktop search visits, and of these, a whopping 67% came from paid search. Of these paid search terms, SimilarWeb data is able to uncover that their strategy involved paying for traffic from keywords involving “ivory ella” a clothing brand that donates money to elephants with every purchase.

In fact, only 2 words provided Chichic with any significant organic search traffic: their own branded keyword “cichic” and the long-tail term “green maxi dress”. As of March, search traffic to Cichic is down 44% and they have switched their strategy away from paying for keywords, only paying for 48% of total keywords in March.


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