A followup on Bing Ads – New releases

bing-adsI recently wrote an article which looked at Bing’s revamp of their advertising services with the introduction of Product Ads. Despite a promising beginning there have been a few niggles with the service which has frustrated advertisers. One particular niggle concerned the number of keywords that advertisers could review – the limit being set at 5,000. Displaying an excellent ear for customer service, Bing has implemented changes to make advertisers lives more fruitful.

Upgraded features


Previously, advertisers would be greeted with the above error message when the number of keywords in an account exceeded 5,000. The option to select campaigns to narrow down the scope offered a solution, but was time consuming when advertisers simply wanted to get on and anaylyze their keywords.


Bing have now tweaked the web UI to allow up to 50,000 keywords to be displayed in the keywords tab (see above). A maximum of 200 keywords can be displayed and navigating between pages is as simple as entering a page number or just clicking next/back. As an addition to this upgrade, Bing have also engineered the service to be quicker, so that the keywords appear almost instantly rather than slowly loading as if you’re on a dial-up modem.

What does this mean for advertisers?

These upgrades are very exciting for advertisers with large accounts as they are now able to access their keyword data quicker and analyze the keywords in a manner much easier than previously offered. Advertising campaigns and PPC strategies can now be improved to bring in enhanced conversion rates. Melissa Mackey, Search Manager at Gyro summed up the new benefits:

“For large accounts, it’s often necessary to view large numbers of keywords and perform bulk editing functions within the UI. Increasing the visibility from 5k to 50k will go a long way in helping enterprise advertisers easily manage their keywords in Bing Ads”

Bing have also promised to work on enhancements to the UI to improve visibility for even larger accounts by having access to more keyword data.

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