Americans are Forking Over Cash for these Top 10 Android Apps


Last week we took a look into the top paid apps (in terms of usage) in the UK for April. Now we’ll cross the pond as we explore the top paid apps in the US.


TOP US apps April 2015


At first glance, the top most used apps in the US share some similarities with their UK counterparts: The list is saturated with gaming and personalization apps. 4 out of the 10 apps on the US list also appear on the UK top apps list: Next Launcher 3D, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Smart Launcher Pro 3 and MX Player Pro. Personalization apps are in for the win. People just love to make their smartphones extra special with snazzy features, and they’re willing to pay for this upgrade. And some of these ain’t cheap, either – Next Launcher is $16.99 in the Google Play Store.


But here’s where things start to diverge a bit. The top 2 apps on this list are the same as for the UK but in reverse order: Americans favor their Next Launcher 3D Shell over the widely popular Minecraft game. In the UK the opposite is true.


While their British contemporaries will gladly shell out a few pounds for gaming and sports apps, Americans are all about their Trivia Crack.  In addition to Minecraft they’ll also pay for popular numbers game Geometry Dash, which just made number 10 on our list.


US smartphone users also love podcasts. There’s been a huge surge in the popularity of podcasts over the past year, thanks to audience demand (and the generous pockets of advertisers). This trend has apparently not made its way to the UK, however, as the Pocket Casts podcast app is a top paid app in the States only.


Another app on the list of top American paid apps is HotSchedules, a productivity app which allows for employee scheduling and labor management. This app made number 3 on the list – and is even more popular than the infamously addictive Trivia Crack.


So what does this say about paid app use in the U S of A? Personalization matters most – people actually seem to like “bloatware” and will even pay for upgrades.  The biggest surprise was the presence of the productivity app, which illustrates that Americans are willing to dole out the dough to work hard – and play even harder with their favorite gaming apps.


Stay tuned for next time when we explore another list of the top 10 most used apps.

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