Americans think the iWatch is Cooler than Everyone Else in the World

It wasn’t even close. That’s what our online data show when it comes to global interest in the Apple Watch during the four-week period before it’s April 24, 2015 release.

U.S. consumers had more than 25 million desktop visits to Apple Watch-related pages in the Silicon Valley company’s online store during that time. That’s 600% more than Chinese consumers, and nearly 700% more than Japanese consumers. The balance of Apple desktop store traffic went to curious consumers in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, and Australia.

Apple Watch revised fonts

About a month ago we took a look at how much website traffic was coming from searches for the iWatch, both to the apple store and other publishers. The data illustrated that traffic to the apple site and elsewhere did see a bit of a boost following the official launch event, but leveled of soon thereafter.

We predicted site traffic would surge again once the product was made available for purchase (though by no  means matching search queries for other apple products, like the always-coveted iPhone). Clearly Americans want the newest apple gizmo more than anyone else.

The real question is just how many people who saw the watch online will end up buying one? What’s your guess?

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