Another Hard Strike on Guest Blogging by Google

Earlier this year, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google were coming after guest bloggers. This announcement took the SEO community rather by surprise, since guest blogging was considered a legitimate way to get exposure as a blogger or service provider. Since there were people abusing this, Google decided to kill off this phenomenon. It was all put in place without a clear understanding of what’s considered inappropriate and what’s considered a legitimate form of self-promotion via quality content.

It seems that Google have stuck to their guns with current targets being guest blogging networks such as, which has been thrown out of all search results. Incredibly, this even includes a search on their own domain name!

Ann Smarty, from, has posted several tweets about this in the past few days trying to confront Google and Matt Cutts. Not surprisingly, no answer has been forthcoming as this post went to press.

A new hashtag – #isupportmyblogguest – has been created and has generated quite a lot of tweets since the first announcement regarding the penalized platform.


The SEO community, as a whole, is strongly against Google’s latest move. People are struggling to comprehend the logic behind labeling a platform which puts together bloggers and writers as blackhat SEO.

It’s well known that some users abuse these platforms e.g. posting unnatural links and low quality content. However, some would claim that it’s more logical to penalize these specific websites instead of taking down the entire network.

Here are some recent publications about this:

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