App Analysis and the Mobile Web Arrive at SimilarWeb

After months of hard work, we’re happy to announce the official launch of our new App Analysis Platform and mobile website data. Based on our industry-leading desktop and mobile panel, we are now able to provide you with exclusive global desktop and mobile data for any website, mobile website, and app.

Here’s a quick overview about each one of our new mobile tools which are available on and SimilarWeb PRO.

Free Mobile App Analysis – Available on

Most of you are already familiar with our free website analysis platform where you can get traffic and engagement information for any website. The new mobile app analysis page is based on the same concept, but instead of searching for a domain you run a search on a mobile app. We provide data for apps on both App Store and Google Play.

Our free mobile app analysis page includes the following features:

  • Rank and rating information for top 5 countries going back 1 month
  • Traffic distribution from in-store and external sources
  • Top 5 in-store referring keywords
  • Top 5 search engine referring keywords
  • Similar apps and developers’ websites



Advanced Mobile App Analysis – Available on SimilarWeb PRO

The PRO version of our mobile app analysis offers in-depth exclusive insights for any app or Google Play Store keyword:

  • Rank and rating for 53 countries going back 3 months
  • All traffic sources in details, including which apps or websites referred traffic to an app.
  • All referring keywords from both store search and search-engines
  • Advanced comparison feature that allows you to run an analysis on multiple apps
  • Export option for each data table to an easily managed Excel sheet

See pricing & plans details for our PRO Mobile App Analysis tool.

Google play keyword analysis – Available on SimilarWeb PRO

This is a unique tool that is exclusive to SimilarWeb. With Google Play Keyword Analysis you can:

  • See which mobile apps are getting traffic from a specific keyword globally or for a specific country and category
  • Learn which keywords are the ones referring the most traffic under specific categories and countries.


Web mobile analysis – Available on SimilarWeb PRO

This new feature is available under our existing ‘Website Analysis’ PRO tool. If you have a PRO enterprise subscription you’ll find this tool under: ‘Overview > Mobile Web Traffic’. The tool provides the traffic distribution to any website by device. You can see exactly how much traffic reached any site and what where the engagement metrics for mobile traffic, web traffic and combined.


Top Apps – Available on & SimilarWeb PRO

Top Apps (also known as Mobile App Ranking) on SimilarWeb, shows you the current rank of any app on Google Play and Apple Store, including the change in rank compared to the previous day. With Top Apps on SimilarWeb you can filter ranking results by chart, country, category and device (iPhone and iPad), including cross filtering options. This data is updated daily and can provide you with a clear up to date picture of your main competitors. Top Apps is available on, with the top 50 results, and on SimilarWeb PRO, with the top 100 results.

We’ve always aspired to provide our users with the full picture of the web. This is why we are thrilled to be able to add the mobile view for both websites and apps. With loads of new features both paid and free we encourage you to dive and start exploring. If you are ready to upgrade to the full view platform we’ve created different plans that will answer your specific needs and requirements. You can see the full list of plans here.

About the Author -

Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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