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How do brands generate traction for their apps? Who is downloading their apps? How does the holiday season influence app user acquisition? What campaigns or version updates bring new users to an app? And how do new downloads affect your app ranking?

Android Downloads BETA enables you to discover how many times an app was downloaded from the Google Play store on any given day, while App Demographics informs you of WHO these users are. Cross-reference the volume of downloads with SimilarWeb’s usage and retention data and App Ranking page to find out how the best apps drive high quality users to download their apps and get users to download YOUR app today!

Run, Run, Run!

Let’s take a look at a few real examples of how brand marketing campaigns had a significant impact on the volume of downloads their related apps received.

When we look at four of the most popular running apps in the US, we see fluctuations in daily downloads but with two major spikes – one for Nike+ Run Club and one for Runtastic:


What happened on Saturday August 20th causing such a large spike in downloads for the Nike+ Run Club app? With a quick Google Search, we can see Nike Running brought back the infamous Volt Flyknit Racers the day before.


And what happened around the 10th October that Adidas-owned running app Runtastic received an increasing volume of downloads, peaking on October 14th? Again, from a quick Google Search we discover that Google Play Music launched an integration with the app for free access to a selection of music playlists directly within the app.


What can we learn from this?

Competitors to the Nike and Runtastic running apps could consider creating new business partnerships to gain traction, as well as running joint campaigns with new product launches by the parent company (Runkeeper is owned by Asics, Under Armour owns MapMyRun)

Where are all the women?

App Demographic data can help you:

  • Analyse any app to understand market trends e.g. millennials are leaving Facebook for Snapchat
  • Optimise your user acquisition and brand awareness campaigns by knowing exactly WHO is your app’s audience
  • Benchmark your app’s audience against your competitors’ audience – whose audience is younger? On what other apps can you find female users?

Let’s take a look at another example where we uncover the key audience of dating apps, and how the digital marketing strategies differ between them.


Looking at some of the top dating apps, we see a 70:30 ratio of males to females using these apps, with the exception of Tinder which has a much more dominant male audience. This is most likely related to the fact that Tinder is branded more as a ‘hook up’ app rather than finding a long-term relationship (although all those married couples who met on Tinder may disagree!)

This is verified when we look at the in-store keywords sending traffic to this group of apps:


Tinder appears to also be targeting a younger audience of 18-24 year olds, while has the highest proportion of users in the 35-44 age group. could launch a campaign to attract Millenials and steal market share away from Tinder.


To start analysing your app market landscape:

  • For Android Downloads Beta go to: App Analysis > App Audience > App Demographics
  • For App Demographics go to: App Analysis > App Engagement > Overview

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Jessica Bohm is a Product Marketing Manager at SimilarWeb. She has a background specializing in Management Consulting and Performance Marketing, as well as founding her own mobile app startup company. Jessica holds a Masters degree in Economics from Cambridge University.

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