Moving from Acquisition to Retention: Reveal Missed Opportunities

Those in the app marketing arena have been struggling for a while now to figure out the right KPIs to use when planning large-scale marketing strategies. Up until now, the main target was getting your app out there with as many installs as possible. To accomplish this goal, the main KPI was ranking. That’s why  app marketeers worked so hard to get lots of reviews to bump up their ratings and improve their ASO as much as possible.

It was only a matter of time before this method of measurement would evolve to reveal what users are doing post installation to illustrate how to keep them engaged for longer.

About a month ago, we launched new features as a solution to this limited view of app valuation, that included competitive information about app engagement. These features were first made available to a selected beta group for testing. We’re happy to announce that after extensive testing App Engagement is now open to everyone!


How can SimilarWeb help me make more money with my app?

SimilarWeb covers all the bases, from acquisition through engagement and all the way to retention. Our SaaS platform gives you access to valuable competitive stats that will give you insights into your market while also helping you make better marketing and product decisions.

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  • Uncovering all In-Store and External traffic sources for any app – including each source’s traffic share. With this feature you can see things like referring apps, referring websites, featured lists, etc.
  • Finding out which keywords refer traffic to competitors’ apps – you’ll be able to see the search terms people are using to get to your competitor’s apps – as well as your own app – from search engines and from store search
  • Analyzing keywords on Google Play – the biggest challenge in ASO is to figure out which keywords are the ones you should optimize for your app store page. With this feature you’ll be able to see the top keywords per category and country and which apps are receiving traffic from them.
  • Top Apps by Store Rank and by App Index – no more guessing who your biggest competitor is, or which apps you should advertise on. Top Apps gives you a list of the leading apps based on their store rank, which is updated on a daily basis, or their App Index, which is calculated with an internal algorithm that takes engagement metrics into account.
  • Engagement Overview – gives you a snapshot of your competitor’s app’s current status in terms of installs and engagement. With ‘Current Installs’ you can see how many installs the app has without counting uninstalls. With Country App Index and Category App Index you can learn about the status of the app’s engagement while benchmarked against the US and against its main category.
  • Audience Interests – uncovers the apps most commonly used by the same users. For instance, if you’re analyzing the app ‘Linkedin’, you’ll find in the list apps from the Business and Finance categories. This feature is great for discovering advertising opportunities as well as for learning more about your potential users.
  • Usage Patterns – provides information about the usage habits of your competitors’ apps. You can see the most popular hours and most popular days of the week that an app is used. You can then benchmark this information against specific categories and against leader boards (Top Free, Top Grossing and Top Paid).
  • Retention – with this feature you’ll learn things like if an app is sticky or not, how long users tend to stay on the app and also discover an app’s churn and retention rates.



Find Ways to Keep your Users Longer

All of these features are available under the Ultimate Package. The acquisition features are open to over 20 countries for both iOS and Android. The engagement features are open to the US market for Android only.

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Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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