App Store Marketing Strategy Playbook

Want to get your app discovered and downloaded? The road that leads to more downloads often begins with search, and knowing what search terms are popular is crucial for your ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy. In our retail ASO report, app marketers will find actionable insights that will help them better market their app and increase exposure and downloads.


Discover, for example how the Old Navy app kills it on app referral traffic and received most of its traffic via 3 other retail apps. Of Old Navy’s in-store traffic, 90% came via app referrals while only 10% came from search.old navy app


At an industry level, we combined search data for the top 5 apps in several shopping categories to give a snapshot of the top non-branded keywords. Looking at the top 5 coupon apps, a clear trend emerges that ‘restaurant coupons’ was the most popular in-store non-branded keyword

non-branded coupon keywords

In the report, it becomes clear that while search is crucial for app discovery, ASO involves much more. As you plan to optimize your app for the Google Play Store, SimilarWeb’s data can help you determine how to adjust your strategy in the context of this competitive landscape.

Report Highlights:

  • What are the top shopping keywords in the US, Germany, and France?
  • How can you optimize your app for referral traffic? 
  • What are some successful external web-to-app traffic techniques?
  • How goes Google search differ from in-store search?

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