Love is in the Web?

February 14th has a special atmosphere. Couples hold hands, go to the best restaurants and give each other gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But what can we learn from SimilarWeb about how we’re using the internet to buy gifts, chocolates or even find a partner in time for Valentine’s?

We started by looking at the traffic reach of three popular dating websites:, and – to our surprise, all of them have suffered significant traffic decreases of nearly 50% of visits over the past six months. and remain the 68th and 69th biggest websites in the US respectively but it seems like they’re quickly losing ground to a bunch of up-and coming apps that promise love at the touch of a smartphone such as BangWithFriends and CrushWithCupid. And this is without even taking into account the mighty Facebook which according to Forbes, might help you find the perfect date thanks to their new Graph Search, which will let users find interesting people outside their network of friends.

Below you can see the SimilarWeb charts showing the clear decline in web traffic among popular dating websites.




But what about the people who are already in a happy relationship? Looking at search trends, looks like women are taking valentines more seriously as Google reports that over the last 30 days searches for “gifts for boyfriend” are outpacing searches for “gifts for girlfriend” by more than 240%. Could this be because boyfriends already know that the way to a woman’s heart is chocolate? Chocolate is once again ruling the searches in the week leading to Valentine’s day. In case you’re wondering, searches for white chocolate beat “dark chocolate” and “milk chocolate” by 37% and 35% respectively.

Finally, what will single souls do online this Valentines? Unfortunately we can’t predict but Mashable brings us 4 interesting ideas to spend Valentine’s Day alone on the Web.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great Valentine’s Day!

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