Backwards Progress? This App was Relaunched on Desktop, with Amazing Results

Recently we’ve shown how more and more websites are moving to the mobile sphere, with mobile already surpassing desktop in some industries. But one company is moving in the opposite direction – from mobile to desktop – with surprising results.

flipboard traffic volume by source



It’s Flipboard, and they’re no longer just killing it on mobile….they’re making a huge impact on their newly launched desktop site.


In February the customizable magazine/news aggregator made the move to completely relaunch their website. Up until that point, Flipboard was strictly found on mobile and tablets. This was due in part because web browsers weren’t built to adapt to the platform when Flipboard initially launched.


It appears that browsers have grown up a bit since then. And the results speak for themselves – Flipboard has made quite a splash on the web. Thanks to a strong brand presence, it took just one month for desktop traffic share from direct to increase by nearly 50%. You can also  see how traffic from email peaked right around the time that the new desktop site launched.


It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen to the website as mobile continues to gobble up traffic share. But in the meantime, desktop traffic is soaring with no signs of slowing down.

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