Black Friday 2016 Beats Last Year’s Numbers by 16% in the US

The leading shopping sites in the US generated 40 million more visits in Desktop and Mobile Web than last year.


After last week’s Black Friday, our analyses have revealed that the leading 25 shopping sites (see list below) have generated an estimated 288 million visits in Desktop and Mobile Web on Black Friday 2016. In other words, they outperformed 2015’s numbers by 16%, leaving last year 248 million visits far behind.



When analyzing the traffic share distribution of the 25 shopping sites, is by far the biggest stakeholder with 38.5%. In fact, Amazon’s share alone equals the total share of the five largest subsequent sites: 11.7%, 10.7%, 7.8%, 5.5% and 2.8% combined.


The Top 5 sites in terms of traffic growth from Friday (11/18/2016) to Black Friday (11/25/2016) were with 331%, followed by with 296%, 240%, 219% and 195%.

Furthermore, SimilarWeb data discovered that 20 out of the 25 examined domains display a decrease in their Mobile Web share when comparing Black Friday (11/25/2016)  to that of the previous Friday (11/18/2016). A possible explanation may be that US consumers are at home during the Thanksgiving holiday, and therefore Mobile Web conversions are usually lower than Desktop conversions.



In preparation for the 2016 Black Friday analysis, SimilarWeb created an index of leading retailers which represent 70% of the total traffic of the Top 100 shopping sites within the US. Based on this index we were able to reveal the traffic trends and important insights that are essential for online retailers in order to find out on how the Shopping industry performed on Black Friday 2016.

Shopping sites index:


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