Blogger Outreach: How to get Noticed

look-at-me-similarwebI recently had the pleasure of working part time on a blogger outreach project for a fantastic gluten free product manufacturer based in Portland Oregon.

Over a six month period I built a database of over 150 blogs, with a 1 in 3 review success rate. To date, this outreach has hit 10 key distribution states in the USA and reached over 200,000 people via influential bloggers.


Blogger outreach was a learning curve for me, so I decided to share this piece to help brands and marketers hoping to connect and influence bloggers worldwide.

Know Your Audience:

This sounds like a no-brainer but try not to limit yourself to one market section of bloggers. Know your audiences wider interests and expand your horizons with regard to the bloggers you contact.

For instance, on this project I initially targeted gluten-free and celiac blogs. I then considered health conscious/lifestyle blogs, moving onto mom blogs, giveaway blogs, and eventually family blogs and hispanic food blogs (Brazilian based recipe).

The target audiences for this product expanded, as did the blogger interest and the product awareness, leading to a huge increase in sales and ROI.

Incentivize Bloggers:

Do you have a product? Offer bloggers samples for review, samples that they can keep and show to their readers. If it’s affordable, propose a reader giveaway for their blog. A review combined with a giveaway can yield incredible results, with every entrant aspiring to obtain access to your product or service.

During blogger giveaways, blogger’s often ask that their readers follow a brands social media pages as a way to enter. Therefore you are gaining followers and data, as well as exposure and often for a minimal cost.


Personalize Requests:

Popular blogs will receive countless requests for product or service reviews. Many of these will be general mailshots, with no regard for the blogger and their previous content. Many of these will be ignored!

It takes five minutes to read through a few posts on a blog that you want to work with. Take this time, learn the bloggers name, compliment a piece of their’s that you like, get involved with their brand. Some bloggers have spent years building solid readership, much of which will have been without profit. Understanding and respecting this can bode incredibly well or brands and marketers.

Organize Marketing Efforts:

Keep a spreadsheet with every blog name, email contact, date of contact, follow up date, and dates that reviews/giveaways were published. Don’t be afraid to follow up with bloggers that haven’t replied a few months down the line. Ensure you link back to bloggers via your own website and social media pages, thus improving SEO on both accounts.

Are you a blogger? What are your thoughts?

Are you a business? Feel free to share your outreach tips!



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I'm a digital marketing consultant with over seven years professional experience. I've worked within huge UK based agencies alongside clients such as Google, Nokia and I went freelance 12 months ago and have since gathered clients on all continents. I regularly train and give seminars and have just been published in a top Danish marketing book.

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