Buzzfeed & 9gag: The Funniest Posts of 2014

Previously we said that because 2014 was such a tough year, we wanted to begin the new year in the spirit of optimism. A fresh start for a hopefully much lighter year.

But that means getting our inspiration – and our joy – wherevever we can find it, whether it’s reflecting on our past achievements, drinking a gourmet cup of coffee, releasing a new product update, or… looking at funny memes of cats.

That’s why we’ve collected the most popular “funny” posts from buzzfeed and 9gag. (“funny” is in quotes because strangely, not all of them are funny). We’ve put some of our favorite gifs and images in this blog post; for the full list, check out the original posts.

These posts were the most popular and went viral. For some of them, it’s easy to see why (gifs of people failing at stupid stunts are always hilarious) but for others – like 9gag’s Ebola puzzle gif where everyone dies – well, we’re still scratching our heads trying to see the humor.

For better or for worse, these are the funny posts that made the list; that got people to click and share. Some of them will make you laugh. We hope none of them will make you cry.



Buzzfeed is the clear winner for humor here. These posts (especially #1 and #3) had the whole office laughing. From stupid stunts gone wrong to cats “caught in the act,” it’s easy to see why the social site’s popular list posts are always getting shared. These posts in particular won the year for humor, and have us smiling still. That’s why Buzzfeed’s funny posts are unequivocally the better half of our top 10.


#1 37 People Who Failed so Spectacularly they Almost Won

archaeology fail


water jump fail

truck fail

austin fail

dog and cat sit



#2 26 reasons Kids are Pretty Much just Tiny Drunk Adults

drunk baby

buzzfeed infant

no coordination baby

baby toilet

baby deck catch fail

baby pool fall



#3 24 People Who are Really Nailing this Parenting Thing

cake dad

kid poop


wifi password

get along shirt




#4 26 Faces Every single Retail Worker Will Recognize

retail name tag face

speak to a manager haircut

retail face closing the store

difficult customers

customer stinks



#5 The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures of All Time

cat sweater antagonist

cat scandal

cat cross dresser

cat award winner

cat sudden realization




Oh 9gag, why have you forsaken funny? We don’t know what happened to the once-humorous site, but it isn’t pretty. Some of the posts were cute. Some of them almost made us smile. And then there was the post which was just pictures of Kazakhstani volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova, which seemed like they were taken by someone’s creepy uncle. Even less funny was the number 1 post, a cartoon Ebola gif where everyone dies.  (When is Ebola ever funny? Answer: never). It goes without saying that even though these were the most popular 9gag posts, no one is really laughing…


#1 Who Dies? THE ANSWER!



#2 F*P per Second Games

fps logic



#3 7 Actual Differences between “Being Single” and “Being in a Relationship”

relationship differences



#4 49 Celebrities and their Pornstar Dopplegangers

katy perry

anna kendrick

scarlett johansson

alicia keys



#5 Meet Sabina Altynbekova, from the Kazakhstan National Volleyball Team


sabina 2



The moral of the story here: gifs of people falling down and cat memes will always be popular because they’re always funny. And funny gets shared. But how to explain 9gag? Certainly the brand is very strong, as the majority of their traffic is direct. Buzzfeed is stronger in terms of both search and social, indicating that the brand has a stronger presence on social networking sites.




Meanwhile we’re still wondering where the gag has gone from 9gag. Why are the posts going viral if they’re not that funny? More importantly, why are these non-funny posts beating out buzzfeed in terms of desktop visits?





Perhaps the discrepancy in popularity has something to do with each site’s respective audience. The majority of buzzfeed’s users come from the United States, which accounts for 75% of the site’s traffic. 9gag, on the other hand, draws most of it’s traffic internationally, as only a quarter of site traffic comes from the US.


While 9gag’s traffic volume is greater, buzzfeed’s the winner when it comes to growth. 9gag showed a 13.97% growth spike, while buzzfeed’s was almost double that figure at 26.30%. Yet oddly enough, 9gag is doing a little better than Buzzfeed, both in terms of site traffic and engagement




So apparently whatever 9gag is doing works. We just hope they go back to the funny soon…it’s clear the world could use more laughs.

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