Classifieds Disrupted- New Models Challenging the Market

Classifieds, once the major source of revenue for newspapers, have evolved into their current form as a separate digital industry. Giants like Craigslist, Gumtree, and OLX, control this new digital market, operating like monopolies in many countries.




New players, however, are beginning to use technology to disrupt the monopolized world of Classifieds. At the center of this change are service-driven platforms that focus on specific verticals and provide a suite of services around buying and selling.

In the report, you’ll find out how new players in the vehicle buying-and-selling market are changing the rules of the classifieds game.

Report Highlights:

  • Understand the global landscape of online classifieds
  • Disruptive new players are on the rise, whereas the traditional sites are decreasing in terms of sheer traffic
  • Find out which sites are best at keeping their users engaged
  • The benefits of market intelligence for classifieds





SimilarWeb can help you discover which search terms are driving traffic to classifieds sites in certain markets, where sites are getting their traffic, and which parts of the site are most successful. This kind of information can be leveraged to decide on a more nuanced and accurate online marketing plan, and deploy accordingly to maximize your site’s growth and user retention.


About the Author -

Adi Sarig is an Enterprise Account Manager at SimilarWeb. She has an extensive experience in online marketing and is a passionate fan of technology, media and marketing.

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