Consumer Retail Trends for the 2016 Shopping Season

Trending search terms for shopping season 2016

The trending search terms list below reflects what US-based consumers are most searching for and what products are trending, based on the shopping category’s top search terms for November (organic & paid).

The list excludes all repeat products seen in 2015 so that we can gain insight into what’s especially hot in 2016!

Desktop Data I US I Nov. 2nd – Nov. 30th


Nintendo’s Resurrection 

Although electronic products tend to dominate the shopping season each year, this year we see a new player leading the product search – Nintendo’s Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition. Despite the fact that NES Classic Edition was only launched mid-month (Nov. 11th), it has proven to be the most searched product for top e-commerce sites, including,, and more. Its success may or may not be attributed to July’s Pokemon launch (published by Nintendo) but nonetheless, it has upped the ante for competitors like PlayStation and Xbox.

The Hatchimals Hunt

Another unexpected top search is the Hatchimals toy that was launched just under two months ago. This interactive creature that hatches from an egg is this season’s recent obsession for kids whose parents are frantically hunting this product down. If we look at the visits for Hatchimal’s Canadian manufacturer’s site,, the US-based traffic share for this site increased significantly from about 40% in May to over 70% in November – a clear sign of US retailers and resellers getting in on the fun.


Rounding the top 3 on this list is Victoria Secret’s brand Pink, a line of lingerie that targets women in a younger age range than their traditional customers. Similarly, the domain also reached 3rd position in our top ten retail clothing ranking in November. Will the Pink brand be a fleeting trend over the holiday period or will the momentum continue for the long haul? We’ll have to wait and see…

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