Cooking Sites: Great for Media Buyers over Xmas

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The holidays are a time for giving, for getting, and most importantly, for eating. As our recent research into the food industry shows, recipe and cooking sites are more popular than ever, especially during the holidays. This is an oft-overlooked way to reach consumers, at a much lower cost than traditional e-commerce referral sites.

We used SimilarWeb to take an inside look at the top 3 cooking and recipe websites in the industry:,, and We wanted to see just what kind of opportunities could be gained from the abundance of holiday referral traffic for these sites. Popular Pages site traffic

Site traffic patterns for all 3 sites were pretty similar. All 3 websites also rely mainly on search as their main source of traffic, which accounts for a hefty 70% of total traffic share.

A lot of the recipes popping up on the sites we analyzed were Thanksgiving recipes, from green been casseroles and candied yams to  mashed potatoes and roast turkey.  So it’s no surprise that the biggest spikes in traffic for all 3 sites fell on Thanksgiving. People seem to cook more on Thanksgiving than other winter holidays, including Christmas.

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For this reason, Thanksgiving recipe pages have huge potential as a great source for referral traffic. This is something that should be taken into account by advertisers, especially as Thanksgiving falls during the Black Friday shopping season. Popular Pages

Another big holiday hit: Sugar cookie recipes. This tried and true cookie recipe is a huge American favorite during the holiday season. Media buyers could use this to their advantage, perhaps by buying adspace on popular sugar cookie recipe pages. Popular Pages Popular Pages

Recipes are one of the most viral forms of content online, and during the holidays season especially they are one of the most popular shareable forms of content. An abundance of popular recipe pages from leading cooking websites may just be what every media buyer should have on their holiday wishlist.

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