Could Dwindling App Rank Spell Trouble for Twitter?

For the past few months, we’ve been posting top apps by country according to our unique app index, which measures actual usage patterns. Typically, the top apps for the countries we’ve examined so far (the US, UK, and India) are a mix of social and communication apps – think Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Instagram, and Google Chrome.

These top 10 apps remained pretty consistent month by month, with usually just a few slight variations (we’re talking about top free  Android apps from all categories).

One thing that always stood out was the absence of Twitter in the top 10 apps list (for all categories, not specifically Social, where Twitter is doing a little better). To be fair, Twitter always has a foothold in the top 100 most used apps for all the countries we’ve looked at , and in fact it’s usually in the top 25. But so far, we’ve not seen it in the top 10 at all. The same holds true for App Rank in store.

Currently we only offer our App Engagement feature for the countries mentioned above, in addition to 15 new countries we’ve recently just added. But we can still see which are top apps by rank in the app store for all countries. If Twitter isn’t a top 10 app in the countries we’ve looked at so far, we were wondering if it’s a top 10 app in another country, or at least higher up on the list. So we took a look at how the Twitter app ranks in Google Play around the world.

twitter by country


As of July 28th, Twitter ranked the highest in the app store in Saudi Arabia, coming in at number 13 of the top apps in the Google Play Store. (App Rank is based on total volume of installs and user reviews). Following close behind was Argentinia, where Twitter ranks at number 19 in the app store. Kenya, Venzuela, the US and the UK rounded out the list, as Twitter ranks in at number 25 for these four countries.

It was surprising enough that the country where Twitter ranked highest was Saudi Arabia. But check out what happened when we checked back just a few days later:



As of July 31st, Kenya and Saudi Arabia are tied for Twitter, as the app ranks number 14 in both countries. The United States is now absent from the list, while Turkey and Panama are now both making an appearance.  Several of the countries which ranked higher for Twitter have cropped somewhat in rank, including Saudi Arabia. Twitter was ranking the lowest at number 25 just days before; on this list we see that the lowest rank for the top 10 is at number 30 (where it ranks in Turkey).

It looks like there’s an overall downward trend for Twitter in terms of app rank. And since we have yet to see Twitter appear in our top 10 list for the App Index, we wonder if this could spell trouble for Twitter. The company is still looking for their next CEO, and we still think someone like Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom could really boost the brand.

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