Discovering Spring Break Hotspots with Popular Pages

It’s spring! A time of renewal, of change, of flowers blooming and birds chirping…a time when university and high school students begin their yearly pilgrimage to someplace warm, preferably away from the watchful eyes of their guardians.

That’s right, spring break is just around the corner, and university students the world over are rushing to buy tickets to the next hottest vacation destination for like-minded youth.

We used SimilarWeb to explore popular student travel websites, to find out which destinations are spring break hotspots in 2015.

 Where the Kids Are Going these Days

So where are today’s youth migrating for some R&R this year? And how can online marketeers benefit from this knowledge? Read on to find out.

To find out this year’s hot vacation spots for students, we took a look at two very popular travel sites geared towards (younger) millennials: and, and analyzed the most popular pages on site. Then we combined the data to show which travel destinations were the hottest on both sites. Here are the results:

top spring break destinations

As the chart shows, Cancun, Mexico, is the most sought after spring break destination, with over 180,000 desktop visits from January to February. Cancun also commanded over 34% of website traffic, reinforcing its status as the tried-and-true vacation hotspot for high school and college students. Panama City Beach Florida is following close behind with over 161,000 desktop visits, proving that young Americans don’t need a passport for some fun in the sun stateside.

The Bahamas comes in at number 3 on the list, but is lagging behind the first two vacation destinations with a little over 72,000 visits. Perhaps this is because the Bahamas is on average a more expensive trip than the other top 2 destinations, and students are typically on a tighter budget.

The destinations appearing on the remainder of the list are mostly locations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the southern United States. Although Europe does place 8th on the list, it’s likely a more popular vacation spot for students living in other European countries.

Popular Pages: The Hotspot for Online Marketeers

Online Marketeers looking to attract potential leads would do well to mine the lucrative millennial market. Advertising on these types of sites around this time of year – when traffic is high and spring break interest is at fever pitch – has the potential for some very profitable results. hose working in industries related to tourism and online travel may fare especially well. After all, millennials are 78% more likely to spend their cash on “experiences” over “things,” and they are more well-traveled than older generations.

The Popular Pages feature on SimilarWeb’s advanced platform is a great way to get a handle on what’s trending. E-commerce marketers can discover which products are driving the most site traffic, and tweak their marketing strategies accordingly. Site operators can learn which pages are the most successful, and which need a little more work, and advertisers can uncover which domains are the best to advertise specific products or deals. The possibilities are endless!

Back to spring break, though, we have a bit of advice for those vacationers looking to avoid the onslaught of drunken college students – avoid Cancun, and it’s probably also best to stay away from Florida’s Panama City Beach.  🙂

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