Enriching The Search Metrics on SimilarWeb PRO

The Search section on SimilarWeb PRO gives you a leg up in your PPC, SEO and content campaigns. We’re happy to announce the first of several releases that will enrich your experience and provide you with tools to improve your search strategies.

Combined with our existing metrics per keywords (traffic share and change in traffic), these newly released metrics will help you to better discover and prioritize new keywords for your campaigns, and monitor your existing ones.

For every referring keyword we’ve now added:

  • Updated for the previous month:
    • Position: the position of the analyzed competitor for the keyword in Google search results (organic/paid),
    • URL: destination URL from that competitor, displayed in Google organic results or ads
    • CPC: estimated bid price for the keyword (Adwords API)
  • Last 12 months average:
    • Volume: the number of searches for the keyword (Adwords API)

The Position and URL metrics are only available when filtering between organic and paid traffic. These metrics relate to Google’s SERP – globally (Google.com) and locally (each local TLD on which the competitor is ranked).


Who is this for?


  • Discover and prioritize targeted keywords based on potential traffic and expected effort on your part.
  • Monitor your own SERP ranking and compare against your competitors.
  • Optimize your own landing pages by analyzing your competitors’ successfully ranked pages.



  • Discover and prioritize in a single place the potential (search volume) and actual (traffic share) traffic generated by a campaign targeted keyword.
  • Discover your competitors’ landing pages that receive high paid ranks.



  • Discover highly ranked content within your keyword strategy, and generate content ideas based on the most successful pages.

Use Cases:

JDsports.co.uk – Discover the best audience

JDsports.co.uk competes with SportsDirect.com for very similar keywords. One of these keywords is ‘trainers’, for which SportsDirect.com manages to grab 53% of the traffic share.

jdsports-vs-sportsdirectJDsports.co.uk – data for December 2015 in the UK market

We’re surprised to find that JDsports.co.uk is ranked higher (4) than SportsDirect.com (5) for this keyword. However, when looking at the ranked landing pages, we discover a possible reason for the differences in traffic share – JDsports is ranked with a page that targets the male audience, while SportsDirect is ranked with a page that targets women. In this case, the female audience seems to be more engaged with this keyword.

jdsports-keywordsJDsports.co.uk – data for December 2015 in the UK market

sportsdirect-keywordsSportsDirect.com – data for December 2015 in the UK market


Glassesusa.com – Catching low hanging fruit

Glassesusa.com receives most of its organic search traffic from the keyword ‘glasses’, eventhough its ranked 8th for this keyword. Two additional interesting keywords are ‘eyeglasses online’ and eyeglasses’, for which Glassesusa.com is ranked 10th and 12th, respectively. As a competitor, this tells me that these keywords have the potential of sending a nice amount of traffic to my site, even with relatively low ranks on Google’s SERP.

glassesusa-keywordsGlassesusa.com – data for December 2015 in the US market

The landing page ‘/discounted-eyeglasses’ is worth a visit and further SEO analysis, to understand how it reached rank 6 and 7 and for two keywords that together generate 1.29% of the organic search traffic of Glassesusa.com.

Feedback, Please!

As always, we’de love to hear from you and find out how you’re using these new metrics. Give us a shout with your personal experience, or with something else you’d like to share.

About the Author -

Lior Degani Is a Product Marketing Manager At SimilarWeb. He has over 10 years of experience in internet companies, including his own content recommendation startup Swayy (acquired by SimilarWeb). Lior is specializing and mentoring startups in Go to Market strategy, launching new products into the market, and develop a product road map.

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