Enriching traffic sources data

We are constantly making improvements to our data collection and algorithms in order to stay as accurate as possible, as well as respond to changes in the industry.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing important updates that improve the Display Advertising Traffic section, helping you discover more networks and visits attributed to Display Advertising.

As new Display Advertising Networks emerge or they change their delivery domains, our algorithms have to adapt to recognize them. We track these networks on a regular basis to stay as accurate as possible.

In the coming weeks we will be making improvements in the way we track and detect ad networks and delivery domains. This improvement will increase the accuracy of our Display traffic section as well as the overall traffic breakdown between different sources, providing you higher-quality data. You are likely to witness an increase in display traffic and a decrease in referrals, specifically in the Gambling, Adult, Games, Shopping, Travel and Arts industries.
Please note that this shift that you may witness in the months of Oct.-Nov. 2015, indicates an improvement in accuracy rather than an actual trend.

We are committed to providing you with accurate data, and will keep improving our algorithms, whilst keeping you in the loop.

Please feel free to contact your account manager for more information or to share your feedback.

About the Author -

Lior Degani Is a Product Marketing Manager At SimilarWeb. He has over 10 years of experience in internet companies, including his own content recommendation startup Swayy (acquired by SimilarWeb). Lior is specializing and mentoring startups in Go to Market strategy, launching new products into the market, and develop a product road map.

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