The EURO 2016 Online Ripple Effect

On June 10th, millions of viewers around the globe watched the kick-off match of the UEFA EURO 2016 between France and Romania. In this EURO special, we reveal that off the pitch, the internet has become a crucial battleground as companies seek to attract global football fans with their best content and deals.

On June 10th, enjoyed a one-day traffic increase of 128%, reaching almost 5 million visits on desktop and mobile web. In comparison, the Champions League final on May 28th drove only 2.1 million visits to the UEFA website. By the end of the Round of 16, after only 20 days of play, the EURO 2016 site had attracted around 89 million worldwide visits. This figure is higher than all previous visits combined since the beginning of 2016.

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It appears that the marketing strategy of UEFA has been very successful. Football fans can access a range of interesting articles, interviews with their favorite players, and video highlights of the matches. Using SimilarWeb data, we found that Portugal, Germany, and Italy were the most watched teams on, followed by France and England. The surprise team of the tournament, Iceland, also made the top 10 of the site.

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However, despite all the clips, interviews, and articles, one UEFA marketing campaign stands out above the rest. UEFA’s Euro Fantasy League was responsible for generating roughly 10% of the 89 million visits the site had amassed by the end of Round of 16.

Operating as a subdomain (, the Euro Fantasy League allows fans to manage their own team and feel a little closer to the action. On June 10th, the Fantasy League increased its combined visits by 104% from the day before. In addition, during kick-off day, visit duration almost reached the 12 minutes mark –  twice as much time that fans spent on the official UEFA website.

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It’s not only UEFA who have been enjoying a big increase in EURO-related traffic, gambling sites and food ordering services have also leveraged their strategy to benefit from the UEFA tournament. Gambling site William Hill’s online traffic rose from 405,500 visits on June 9th to 534,700 on June 10th, an increase of 32%.

A good football game requires good food and Domino’s Pizza in France was there to serve up its football-loving patrons. Traffic to the site, grew from 35,000 on June 9th to 56,900 on the 10th, an impressive increase of 62.5%. Furthermore, the Domino’s Pizza France app saw a huge increase in Usage Time rising from 20 seconds on June 9th, to over 13 minutes on June 10th.

Finally, according to desktop and mobile visits to their official football association website,, Germany is winning the online EURO 2016. With 2.6 million visits, Germany easily passes Turkey and France to take first place, and only time will tell whether they capture first place in the actual tournament as well.


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