Expanding Our Direct Measurement

We’ve recently expanded our global direct measurement, which means increased accuracy for all our data.


As a result, you may see an increase in desktop visits for websites specifically in the UK and Japan.These changes may continue over the next few months as we expand our learning set in these markets.


Our data comes from four key sources, including our direct measurement learning sets – over 100,000 websites and apps sharing their analytics data directly with us. We use this data to refine our statistical estimations for any website or app in the entire digital world.


Join our community of over 100,000 websites and apps that have already connected their analytics directly with us, either publicly or anonymously.

About the Author -

Jessica Bohm is a Product Marketing Manager at SimilarWeb. She has a background specializing in Management Consulting and Performance Marketing, as well as founding her own mobile app startup company. Jessica holds a Masters degree in Economics from Cambridge University.

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