Exporting SimilarWeb Data to Excel – Enhancements

The updated Excel Export feature lets you download data from SimilarWeb and manipulate it in Excel with ease. The update applies to three sections under the Website Traffic Sources section in the PRO – Website Referral Traffic, Search Terms and Popular Words Within Search Terms Tab.

Each Excel file you download now includes

  • An intuitive file name containing the analyzed traffic source, domain(s) and date range
  • Data broken down into 3 sheets:
    • Report details – an overview specifying the analyzed domain, the traffic source   chosen, subdomains (if applicable), country, date range and date downloaded
    • Aggregated data – a replica of the data table, exactly as it appears on the PRO
    • Breakdown by month – all data broken down by month

Moving forward, we will be releasing this Excel format for additional sections in the PRO.

Who is this feature for?

Excel Export is a great tool for anyone looking to download SimilarWeb data and manipulate it in the form of lists, tables or graphs.

Where can I find the Export to Excel feature?

Click on the Excel Export icon, located on the top right-hand side of the data table.


About the Author -

Lior Degani Is a Product Marketing Manager At SimilarWeb. He has over 10 years of experience in internet companies, including his own content recommendation startup Swayy (acquired by SimilarWeb). Lior is specializing and mentoring startups in Go to Market strategy, launching new products into the market, and develop a product road map.

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