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To celebrate the beauty of data, we’ve come up with a new blog post feature that we’re going to be highlighting every week. It’s our featured chart, which will illustrate firsthand how interesting that data is – and how it reveals the real story behind any website or app’s performance.


This week’s featured chart is from, which saw a boost in traffic after the Alibaba Group’s highly-publicized, record-breaking IPO in September of last year.


Perhaps these funds were well spent. Not long after the IPO, saw a sudden spike in traffic from display ads.


Traffic source volumes to aliexpress


The traffic surge from display ads actually began its ascent shortly before the IPO, and skyrocketed in December, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Desktop visits to the site from display traffic peaked at a whopping 93,197,878 in December, which is nearly 20 times the amount of site traffic from display ads from August. Since December the traffic from display has declined considerably, but are still markedly higher than they were before the IPO.


display traffic to aliexpress


Appropriately timed display ads are clearly winning here as a traffic booster. The Alibaba Group seems to be using the IPO funds to expand into different areas in the international market (like Turkey, for example). Heavily investing in display ad campaigns seems to be their marketing method of choice, and it appears to be working.


It will be interesting to see how traffic from display ad traffic will compare during the next holiday season in 2015 – we predict an even bigger boost, even though they won’t have the added publicity of a massive IPO to boot.


That’s our featured chart for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s chart for more interesting data visuals!

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