Look Where all the Traffic from the Cricket World Cup is Coming From

The Cricket World Cup started on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Predictably, site traffic to icc-cricket.com website began to soar as interest around the tournament increased.

CRICKET desktop visits


But where was the majority of the traffic coming from? Not from the UK, Australia or New Zealand. India was driving the lion’s share of traffic to the icc website, commanding over 32% of traffic share. Cricket is insanely popular in India, ever since the British introduced the sport during their colonization of the country. Still, it’s interesting that Cricket seems to be more popular now in India than in it’s country of origin.

cricket geo

The United States ranked 2nd place for driving site traffic. It even beat out the UK! Could Cricket be the next American sports obsession?

Australia just won the Cricket World Cup, but they’re number 4 on the list of countries driving traffic to the site, following closely behind Pakistan. Meanwhile, desktop visits to icc.com from Canada and Japan both saw a HUGE change in traffic volume from last month. There’s over a 1,000% increase for each country!

So Cricket seems to be garnering lots of global attention. It’ll be interesting to see how website traffic will change at next year’s Cricket World Cup. In the meantime better practice your cover-drive!

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