This Site Got Over 1.6M Visits in Just a Week After Launching

Want something? Send a text, and voíla! It’s yours!

It may sound vague, but that’s exactly what the, uh, magic is behind the new startup Magic  – text what you want to the number, and one of Magic’s operators (magicians?) will have it for you as soon as possible. Requests can vary from the mundane (ie, a meatball sub and a coke) to the exotic (a Bengal tiger delivered to your door). If you’re willing to pay for it, Magic will deliver.

What’s truly extraordinary is that the app was launched less than 2 months ago, and it’s already exploded. We’re talking 1,650,000 visits after it launched in February – that’s total desktop visits for just a little over a week.

magic desktop visits

Once the story was picked up by TechCrunch and ProductHunt, demand for the app skyrocketed to the point where there was a wait list to be able to use the service. Here you can see how referral traffic peaked shortly after launch on February 20th:



Traffic has since declined considerably after the insane February launch, giving Magic operators time to catch their collective breath.  While it’s true that website traffic may not surpass the February figure anytime soon, the service is currently the only one of its kind on the market. We bet that as time passes and the “magicians” have time to perfect their craft, there will be more buzz around this remarkable service.

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