First Real Retaliation against Facebook – Eat24Hours is closing its Facebook page

I just finished one of the best blofake-likesg posts I’ve had the pleasure to read lately.

It’s by a Company named – Eat24Hours, who’s taken the concept of food to a whole new level, creating funny memes and posts which turn food into more than just a culinary experience. One interesting post we’ve previously quoted in our Porn Arbitrage piece, included a case study they’ve published regarding advertising non-sex related products in porn sites, which turned out to be very profitable.

The Company announced, through their blog –, that they are going to close their Facebook page this Monday, at 11:59pm. Their post describes, in their classic humorous manner, how they’ve basically been eating crap with Facebook’s latest algorithm changes including their sponsored stories format, which somehow mainly attracts bored Indians at weird hours such as 4am. Eat24Hours claim, which is more than reasonable, is that their entire target audience is based in the USA, so they really don’t have much to do with followers outside of that country, or continent for that matter.

Eat24Hours are not the first to raise a red flag over Facebook’s latest attitude shift towards advertisers, but they are the first to take such extreme measurements as closing their long-established Facebook page.

We’ve run a check via SimilarWeb PRO, to see just how much traffic they are going to lose with this bold step, and this is what we learned:

Website Analysis of

Their Social traffic comprises 28% of overall site traffic; 54% of that comes from Facebook, followed by Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin and Instagram.

overall-traffic-eat24hours Overall Traffic – By SimilarWeb PRO


facebook-traffic-eat24hours Social Traffic – By SimilarWeb PRO


It seems that they’ve had a peak in social traffic around September, which coincides with our previous mentioning of their venture into advertising on porn sites. This spike helped them to increase their daily social traffic average from 1,700 desktop visits a day to around 10,000 desktop visits a day. This means they are about to lose around 5,000 visitors a day.

Social-traffic-Eat24Hours Traffic Peak – By SimilarWeb PRO


Their blog gets most of their overall traffic and pretty much all of their social traffic, with Facebook being their main social source. It is clear Eat24Hours’ decision to close their Facebook page is a big risk they are taking just to stand on principle. It also might just be a very well played publicity stunt; even so, there’s no doubt this step is in line with the general public opinion toward Facebook among advertisers in the past few months.

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