Webinar: The Data Behind the Gambling Industry

Webinar Summary: The Data Behind the Gambling Industry

Thank you to everyone who joined our latest webinar on the data behind the gambling industry. The webinar was hosted by our very own Dee Schechter, an Industry Manager and Product Specialist at SimilarWeb.

The webinar covered a variety of topical subjects and issues including:

    • How to map out your gambling industry competitors
    • How to uncover their Mobile, Search, and Display Ad strategies
    • How to use SimilarWeb data to help your gambling business enter new and regulated markets


If you have further interest in understanding the gambling industry, we recently published a UK Gambling Report providing readers with actionable insights on the gambling and gaming industry in the UK. The report examined the effects of UK regulations on the major Sportsbook makers in the UK and how these regulations affected web traffic. Some gambling sites such as bet365.com and williamhill.com were able to cope with this new reality, while others faltered and lost a significant amount of web traffic.



We hope you enjoyed the materials and invite you to stay tuned for upcoming webinars, white papers, and more as we explore the gaming industry further alongside other industries and verticals.

About the Author -

Dee is an Industry Manager and Product Specialist at SimilarWeb. She has extensive experience in online marketing within the Gaming and Gambling industries and is passionate about data driven marketing.

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