Game Console Wars: Xbox vs. Playstation

The SimilarWeb Digital Insights teams compared video game console performance across the leading console brand sites and top online retailers for November desktop traffic.


Looking at the branded destination sites,, and, Xbox emerged as the clear winner with 12.1 million visits vs. Playstation’s 7.7  million in the US, and 1.9 million visits vs. 1.4 for Playstation in the UK.

However, when it comes to visibility in online retail, Playstation outperformed Xbox in November on both sides of the Atlantic.


Comparing top pages for each console brand across Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Gamestop, Playstation dominates with an average 56% share of pageviews vs. 44% for Xbox in the US.

The game console brand did even better in the UK market, leading with 61.55% pageview share vs. 38.45% for Xbox.


About the Author -

Pavel Tuchinsky is a marketing analyst and blog editor at SimilarWeb. He came from the world of International Economics, passionate fan of e-commerce and technology.

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