Can’t Hold That Door! Game of Thrones Traffic Explodes

Game of Thrones is finally back and season 6 of HBO’s most-watched franchise promises to set new viewership records. The Internet has been abuzz for months leading up to the series’ return, and now that it has returned, traffic to HBO is spiking once again. In fact, Game of Thrones is likely to help HBO’s streaming services set new web traffic records, according to SimilarWeb data. Last May, visits to, its main streaming website, reached a record 25.7 million.

Game of Thrones is Web Slayer as HBO Show Remains King

In fact, over the last 12 months, of HBO’s top 10 most popular desktop pages, five of them were Game of Throne’s related content. The only show that competed in the top 10 was John Oliver, but he has nothing on Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones is Web Slayer as HBO Show Remains KingOf the recent Game of Thrones episodes, it seems episode 5 has been the most popular and has people doing their own research online. The GOT Wikia site which contains background info, fan theories, FAQs, and more, received more traffic after episode 5 than any other episode so far.

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On the Wikia page, Hodor has become the most popular search term that generates traffic to the site. This is even more impressive when you consider that Hodor outperforms the site’s own branded search keyword! Hodor also beat out Jon Snow in recent popularity and over the period from April 30th to May 27th, Hodor brought in 133% more traffic than Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones is Web Slayer as HBO Show Remains King

you know nothing, Jon Snow
With HBO, it’s not just their website that is seeing a Game of Thrones related spike. Last year, during season 5 of Game of Thrones, app usage to HBO GO hit a 12 month high of 6.47%. It also becomes evident that immediately after season 5 finished, app usage declined steadily. With the new season coming out soon, we expect app usage will only increase.

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Lastly It’s not just HBO that’s benefiting either. Game of Thrones also has a dirty side, and over at, Game of Thrones related searches saw a huge surge in traffic over the shows 5th season. Clearly, it’s not just HBO gaining traffic from the Game of Thrones craze, the show penetrates even the darkest corners of the Internet.

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