Google Glass Review: The Role of Glass In Tech

In an industry where the term is underestimated and over-used, Glass truly is ‘revolutionary’. Ever since the boundary-breaking innovations of Saint-Gobain centuries ago, glass has had an intertwined love story with our technological lives.

We are surrounded by glass that aims to make our lives better, and yet ends up serving only to distort our perception of the world around us. Windows, plates, buildings, cups, glasses, sunglasses, TV screens, iPad screens, glass ceilings, et cetera.

When a friend gave me the chance to try Google Glass, I wanted to see whether this innovative piece of technology could help to bring a new dimension that paints a better picture of what I see on a daily basis.


The Boring Stuff:

The battery life is awful, it’s uncomfortable to wear, looks ugly, and people will stop you in the street to ask questions. That being said, we are still at the outset of this technology. I have no doubt that there are already clever people plotting ways to make Google Glass look cool while bettering battery life, comfort, and UX. As with all revolutionary products, it is the concept that matters; the lesser details will solve themselves as technology cheapens and improves.


The Exciting Stuff:

It works!!! I felt the amazing ‘wow’ factor from the very beginning. While I’m not a fan of the voice recognition software (my Spanish accent didn’t help!), it just works. Emails, pictures, videos, sharing, maps, translation and more. I’m really looking forward to see the ideas developers come up with to help us get a better view of our own reality. And have fun along the way.



After 24 hours of uninterrupted Glass use, I was very happy to take them off. Using all of the pictures I took with Glass throughout the day, I created a film that revealed things I had not noticed about the people and places I see every day. Most importantly, Glass helped me realize how important it is to listen to the soundtrack around me more. It was really fun to try and I’d love to see what comes next, but it was even more fun to switch Glass off with a fresh perspective of my reality – without the need for an iPad or iPhone screen.  Here’s a short segment from my day with Glass.



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