Here are the Top 25 Most Used Apps in the UK

Recently we’ve been posting quite a bit about our app engagement feature, which is now available for SMB. This innovative feature is part of our app analysis platform, and gives you a better understanding of the true value of any app by measuring usage patterns in addition to install volume and store rank.

So how else does this new feature help you with your app marketing efforts? In addition to providing a variety of insights into user behavior and audience interests, with app engagement you can see how often an app is used, and these usage patterns are measured by our own method of ranking we call the “App Index”.

In the past, we posted about the top most used apps in the US, now we’re crossing the Atlantic to have a look at the same stats for the UK. Here’s our list of the UK’s top 25 free Android apps from February based on usage (which we rank as “app index). If you’d like to see the next 25 most used apps, you can download the full list here.


most used free android apps UK Feb 2015

The top five most used apps are what you would expect – with Facebook at the helm, followed by other social and communication apps. Google appears twice on the list at the top 5 – clearly this search engine is the browser of choice for UK Android users.

The list of the top 25 most used apps in the UK is heavily dominated by the presence of social apps, with a liberal sprinkling of apps in the communication category (including email). Communication really is key, as Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp, Yahoo Mail and Gmail all appear in the first 15 of the app index. Meanwhile, Twitter,Instagram, Timehop and the increasingly popular Snapchat comprise the social apps ranking high on the list.

HTC is also noteworthy, as 4 different apps from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer appear within the top 25. Some of these apps are pre-installed apps that come built in the phone. Some might call these ready-made apps “bloatware,” but clearly they’re used frequently enough to rank highly in the app index.

Clean Master (Speed Booster) is one app on the rise – in January the smartphone optimizer ranked at 25 on the app index; it has since moved up to place in at 14 on the list. With so many apps clogging up smartphone speed, it’s no wonder more people in the UK are using this reputable performance enhacing app.

Social and communication apps are the clear winners here, but let’s not forget the highly lucrative gaming and shopping categories are also making an impact, with gaming apps like Clash of Clans and shopping apps such as eBay. Advertisers looking to cash in on the app market would do well to concentrate their efforts on the social scene, with e-commerce and gaming also viable options.

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