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The face of online marketing has changed significantly in the past few years, the most notable change being the technological advancements. Carl Fremont, Chief Digital Officer at MEC, talked at the MATI 2014 conference that took place on February 11th.

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There’s a great amount of available data and we need to decide how to best use it and personalize it

If you’ve read my post about sales and marketing having more in common than you’d think, this quote will already make sense. This surfeit of data – what the trade likes to call “big data” – initially caused a lot of head scratching when devising collection methods. Luckily, the fast paced evolution of technology has led to amazing possibilities for collecting data. The challenge, for marketing, is to learn how to use this data to your advantage:

“No more buying impressions, but understanding it”

Another aspect in technology that online marketeers and brand managers should be engaged with is new advertising techniques. Carl highlighted a specific example of the first ever interactive TV ad. This ad took the novel step of aiming to generate instant, direct sales whilst it aired:

Smart TV Ad – H&M Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

david-backhamH&M ran with a commercial that showed David Beckham running around, shedding layers of clothing and sprinting to the ‘actual commercial’s shooting location’. So far just a great looking commercial, nothing special. But what makes this commercial so unique is H&M’s use of smart TV technology. People that own smart TVs had the option, from within the commercial, while it was aired, to buy or get coupons for clothing items featured in the ad. H&M assumed that most of their inventory would be sold after the Super Bowl ended. Their premise was: while watching the USA’s biggest sporting event, people won’t be doing their shopping. They were wrong – H&M sold their whole inventory in the first 15 minutes.

This H&M example shows how classic offline marketing formats are integrated with advanced current technologies. Since this is an entirely new frontier, the audience is still not indifferent to it, like they may be with regular TV commercials. This new technology raises exciting new possibilities for marketeers and future advertising campaigns. In fact, these smart ads are already making their presence felt. You just have to take a look at the internet video ads featured in streaming TV.

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Here’s a peep of the H&M SuperBowl 2014 Commercial:

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