Homo-Appians: How We Use our Apps

What time of day do most you use your Facebook app? How about  YouTube?

In the infographic below we describe the day of an average US app user and what time of day different apps see their peak usage. Android users who installed the Holy Bible app are most likely to use the app at 7AM, while they check the weather on WeatherBug. After a morning coffee from Starbucks at 8, users will likely check Groupon deals at 9 before settling into their workday with apps such as LinkedIn, Slack, and Gmail.

After getting in an Uber around 5PM and ordering some food from Grubhub at 6, the homo-appian starts off their night with some social media. Finally, at 10PM its time for some Netflix and Chill as both Netflix and Tinder see their peak use.


About the Author -

Hillá Meller is a Digital Insights and Content Manager at SimilarWeb. Hillá comes from the world of Nonprofit management, loves to cook, and is a history nerd.

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