Hottest US Apps of April 2016

Looking for the hottest US apps? Look no further than the baseball diamond. Topping the hottest Android apps of April, At Bat rose 241 spots according to SimilarWeb’s Usage Rank and now ranks within the top 150 overall. Also rising significantly were two other baseball related apps: ESPN Fantasy Baseball which jumped 3182 places and Beat the Streak which had a huge April moving up 46,167 places in the ranks.

Among the other trending apps was TouchPal Emoji Keyboard an app that rose into the top 150 overall and as of April 30th was installed on 0.6% of all US Android devices. Also trending up were DU Cleaner(Boost&Clear Cache)Willy Wonka Slots Free Casino, Crazy Cake Swap, EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, and Restaurant Story: Hot Rod Cafe.

Lastly, the app Down to Lunch had a major rebound month in April and is now up to 1,551st in the rankings after a dismal March where the app ranked as low as 22,652nd. Looking back at February 2016, the app ranked 9,847th overall but suffered a huge drop going into March which may be related to rumors that emerged in late February that the app was being used for sex trafficking. According to Business Insider, this scandal began with falsified reviews of people being lured over the app and hit its peak when a popular Twitter account reaffirmed the accusations. Luckily for the app, it was able to recover well from this scandal and even has many venture capitalists interested in its platform.

Hottest US Apps of April 2016


Trending down in April are several Games apps, led by Words with Friends which dropped out of the top 50 and now ranks 53rd overall. Back in February 2016 the app ranked as high as 29th but recently it seems users have backed away from the popular crossword app. Other Games apps trending down include Candy Crush Jelly Saga, KENDALL & KYLIE, and Dragon Land.

Outside of Games, Timehop has also dropped out of the top 100 and now ranks 113th overall. Looking back to March 2015, the app ranked 25th overall in the US, but since then it has faced stiff competition from Facebook’s own On This Day function.

With the NCAA Basketball tournament having finished on April 4th, two March Madness apps quickly began trending downwards: NCAA March Madness Live and ESPN Tournament Challenge. Both apps were among the top 250 in March but usage and installs decreased significantly in April, especially once the tournament finished.Hottest US Apps of April 2016


Aside from these trends, several apps showed major increases in both usage and installs due to external events in April, whether they be the premiere of season 6 of Game of Thrones, or Beyoncé’s release of Lemonade.

In a recent study we discovered that Game of Thrones accounted for almost a third of’s total traffic and the show’s effect can be seen on app usage as well. Looking at Active App Users to HBO NOW we can see an 89% spike in app usage on the day GOT released the first episode of season 6. This increased use has also bumped up the HBO app in the overall usage rankings, as it moved from 1,372 in March to 1,016 at the end of April.

hbo now

In other app entertainment news, Lemonade by Beyoncé was released late Saturday night on April 23rd, and was made available on the Tidal music app. In response to the Lemonade release, Android users across the world rushed to download Tidal in order to quench their thirst for Lemonade.

In the US, the app saw a 22% one day increase in installs and continued to rise steadily towards the end of the month. In Brazil, the app had an even more impressive 65% jump in installs but then plateaued over the rest of the month. Overall, perhaps Australians were most embracing of the Tidal wave as the app saw a 44% rise in installs on April 24th, and another spike of 52% on April 26th. The app has continued to rise in popularity down under and when looking at Australian Usage Rank, the app has risen all the way from 5,738 at the beginning of 2016 to 2,132 at the end of April.

tidal installs

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