These Were the Hottest US Apps in August

If July was Pokémon GO month, August belongs to Google. With the release of Google Duo in mid-August and the increased interest in YouTube Music, it has definitely been a great month for Google apps.

Google Duo ranks as the 5th most trending app of August, and by the end of the month, it had reached 357th in SimilarWeb’s Usage Rankings, beating out apps such as VLC for Android (362), Amazon Photos (369), Vine (387), Periscope (403), and many others.

Adoption of Google Duo has been swift, though in some countries the app is catching on quicker than in others. In India, for example, the app has nearly reached 2% of all Android phones in the country, whereas in the US and UK, the app is hovering just above 1% of Android installs. In Germany and Turkey, growth has been slower and the app has yet to reach the 1% mark, while in Russia, the app is struggling to find a receptive audience. rise of google duoOutside of Google apps, several Pokémon-related apps were trending in August, despite the fact that Pokémon GO itself slipped slightly in the rankings. 360 Battery – Battery Saver and Fake GPS 가짜 위치/위치 속이기/대리/포켓몬, a Korean GPS spoofer app, can both likely attribute their recent success to Pokémon GO. The game is notorious for draining users’ battery and GPS spoofers can be used to fake one’s location to catch region specific Pokémon such as Kangaskhan in Australia.

These were the Hottest US Apps in August

Aside from FarmVille: Tropic Escape, all other trending apps in August fell into 2 categories: back-to-school or sports.

NBC Sports headlines the list of trending sports apps and increased their Usage Rank from 2,683rd in July to 263rd by the end of August. With extensive coverage and live streaming of the Rio Olympics, NBC rapidly grew their app’s reach and since the Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies, they have yet to see a significant drop in installs. NBC was even fortunate enough to have 2 trending apps in August, with NBC Sports Scores representing the other.

ESPN, whose web publication recently ranked 4th on our US media publishers ranking, have also been killing it with their Fantasy Sports app. By the end of August, the app had climbed to 624th on our app index and once NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons get underway, they should see their app’s reach and usage continue to rise.

Finally, in the back-to-school department we recently covered the top retail sites in terms of back-to-school search traffic, and in the app arena as well, several apps have increased usage and reach ahead of the new school year. Remind and ClassDojo, two apps which help connect teachers, students, and parents, both saw their rankings soar and both get an A+ in app marketing. These were the Hottest US Apps in August


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