Hottest US Apps of July 2016

July 2016 may very well go down in history as the month that forever changed the app world with Pokémon GO getting all the media attention and rage. However, when looking at the data, Pokémon GO was not the only game to gain popularity among US Android users in July.

Despite being the NBA offseason, NBA LIVE Mobile was still able to jump from 1013th place in June, way up to 79th in July. Android installs of the app increased from 0.06% in late June to 1.3% an impressive increase of 2067%.

Alongside NBA LIVE, 6 other game apps were among the trendiest Android apps in July, 4 of which rose more than 10,000 spots in the rankings. The distinction for the highest increase in rank belongs to Disney Emoji Blitz, an app that was ranked a lowly 117,001 in June but with a strong July has climbed to 373rd overall.
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Noticeably absent from the list of trending apps is viral sensation Pokémon GO, an app which quickly surpassed Twitter and a host of other popular apps on our Usage Rank. Pokémon GO is only absent from the above ranking because it was only released in early July, making it impossible to compare to its Usage Rank in June. However, in the chart below it becomes evident just how fast the app has shot up on the charts.

When it was first launched, the app ranked 408th on Usage Rank but by July 21, Pokémon GO had already reached 11th on Usage Rank, ahead of native apps such as Google Maps, and everyday essential apps such as Pandora Radio, The Weather Channel, Viber, Netflix, and Pinterest.

pokemon go usage rank

Turning now to apps that have been trending down, the list is led by Clash Royale, a game which continues to tumble down the charts. In June the app ranked 63rd overall and back in May, it ranked 23rd.Clash Royale, however, wasn’t the only game to see its Usage Rank fall, and the drop of 21 places seems tiny compared to the 990 spots that Egg! dropped in the rankings.

Looking further down the list, it becomes immediately noticeable that many of the apps trending down were soccer or sports apps. ESPN, whose website was the second largest US media site in June, saw its app fall out of the top 100, dropping to 121st overall. Furthermore, Soccer Scores – FotMob fell from 128th to 190th, Univision Deportes (Univision’s sports app which covers soccer) dropped from 137th to 241, 2016 Centennial Cup from 1,361st to 17,539th, and Copa America Centenario 2016 (the Spanish version of the app) from 675th to 34,196th.

Clearly, a lot of this has to do with the recent closing of the 2016 Centennial Cup which finished on June 26th with Chile defeating Argentina at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. After the tournament finished, we immediately see a huge drop in usage of various soccer apps, many of which will likely never be used again. What is impressive, however, is the fact that some of these apps were able to rise as high as they did in the first place.

With the 2016 Rio Olympics around the corner, app marketers should be looking to capitalize off the event to leverage their sports app, and can use SimilarWeb data to discover successful sports app strategies. Hottest US Apps of July 2016

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