How to increase your PPC income

Mouse_pad_Remicade_InfliximabOne of the best things about SimilarWeb PRO is not only that it shows you your website’s strong and weak points, but also your competitors’ strong and weak points. Here’s how you can take advantage of this information and increase your PPC income:

Usually, most people research their direct competitors, but for traffic which is based on keywords, the best websites to search are ones which are information driven. For example, if you’re in the travel industry, the best site to analyze is ‘’.


Lonely Planet


Website stats for – By SimilarWeb PRO

Running Lonely Planet through SimilarWeb PRO shows that it’s a big player in the travel industry with a category rank of 52 and over 63 million visits between Sep ’13 – Feb ’14. This is a high level of traffic and means they’re worth exploring a little further.

Traffic Sources


Traffic sources for – By SimilarWeb PRO

SimilarWeb PRO analyzes all the sources that bring traffic to Lonely Planet and over ¾ of that traffic is via search results. This means that Lonely Planet is packed full of keyword rich content and offers an excellent insight into popular keywords for the travel industry.

Trending Keywords


Trending keywords for – By SimilarWeb PRO

Clicking on the ‘Search’ tab of the ‘Traffic Sources’ menu on SimilarWeb PRO allows you to view the keywords that bring traffic to Lonely Planet. The keywords you’ll be particularly interested in are those that are trending. These are keywords which people can’t stop talking about. All you have to do is sort the keyword results by ‘Change’ and you can see what’s on the up. For Lonely Planet, maps of specific countries are trending at present – this can be down to offline trends such as news stories. This information is important for tailoring ad campaigns which utilize these short lived topics and attract visitors.

Mediumtail & Longtail Keywords

It’s important to note that longer keywords are usually cheaper to bid on than shorter ones. These terms, which are referred to as mediumtail and longtail, are consisted with 3 and above words. For example ‘map of russia” will probably be cheaper to bid on than “russia map” and much cheaper than “russia”. Another important insight is that bidding for ‘map of russia’ will be cheaper than bidding for ‘traveling to russia’ and might bring you the same relevant audience. With lower bids on relevant keywords, your ROI should go up hence increasing your income. As long as you include relevant content to such words in your landing pages, you’ll maintain a high quality score and a low bounce rate. Not only that, but when you discover search terms such as ‘map of ethiopia’, you can learn about popular destinations and start a campaign with a relevant keyword group. By thinking out of the box and using lower cost keywords, your business can save money and maximize profits.

Image Search

Another growing source of traffic and PPC opportunities is from image searches. Especially in industries which are more visual by nature like fashion and traveling. By going over the image search traffic of, you can learn about trends and find amazing keyword groups ideas. You can even include relevant pictures in your landing page which can help in increasing your conversion rate. Putting PPC aside for a second, learning from image search of competitors and information websites in your niche, can help you with you SEO campaigns as well.


Spend money to make money

We started this piece by promising to increase your PPC income. Here’s the outline of what you need to do in order to achieve that, based on everything you’ve just ready:

  • Research informative websites in your niche, and not only direct competitors
  • Go beyond the scope of ‘direct action’ keywords. For instance – ‘map of thailand’ can be just as relevant to you as ‘hotels in thailand’, if you’re a travel agent who’s selling packages to Thailand.
  • Include Longtail and Mediumtail keywords to lower your expenses and increase your ROI.
  • Image search can give you great keywords ideas with a lower bidding competition.

By using SimilarWeb PRO, you can identify cheap, yet popular keywords which your competitors are not even aware of.

These opportunities are just waiting to be snapped up, so get ahead of the rest by playing clever!

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