How you Can Use the New Twitter Profile Page for Online Marketing

twitter-new-profileA few days ago, when I logged into my Twitter profile, I was excited to see a message at the top of the page saying – ‘The new profile is out. Try it now!’. I’m almost always happy when a social network I use frequently freshens itself up with a new look, so, of course, I clicked the button and started my journey into this new frontier of web page elements.

The first thing I thought was – “Hmm, this looks familiar.

The second thing I thought was – “Oh, this is where I know this page from!“:


Our new Twitter profile page:


Our Facebook profile page:



So, yeah, it’s kind of like the Facebook profile page, but still, it looks good and now it’s less confusing for people that use both networks (well, at least for some people!). However, as an addicted online marketeer, I couldn’t stop but think: how can this change help me in my online marketing efforts? This is what I came up with:

Content marketing:

One of the nice additions that Twitter added with the new profile design is the ability to pin a post to the top (Facebook – food for thought?). This is great when you want to promote a specific post, which you believe has a huge potential for going viral, whilst you can keep adding as many fresh tweets as you wish. How cool is that? You can also leave your sticky tweet as an introduction about you or your company, containing an image or a video that tells your followers your story.

PPC Campaigns?

The reason for the question mark I’ve added to the end of this headline is that I don’t see any ads yet. However, if I look back on how Facebook started – first by changing the profile design and then adding ads to the side area, one starts to wonder whether Twitter are aiming for the same target. They can sure use a boost in their offered ads space, since so far, most publishers are not entirely satisfied from the results of their Twitter campaigns so far.

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