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One of the advantages of measuring internet traffic activity across the world is that we can show you the biggest websites in any category and in any country.

This is a powerful tool to research new markets and learn from the best. Use SimilarWeb to analyze traffic data and find out which traffic sources and strategies are making your competitors successful.

But wait there is more! you can also Use SimilarWeb to analyze your favorite websites. Let’s see… everybody love’s to eat, right? So let’s check who is on top in the food and drink category. The perfect tool for the task is to use SimilarWeb’s Top Websites feature.

Top Websites lets you find out which are the 100 biggest sites in any category and country. Go to and choose the “top websites” tab. For example I decided to filter the top food sites in The United States. The top result, as you can see below is


After finding this go to the second tab – “website analysis” and you will discover some very interesting statistics on  Did you know that the average American surfer on spends more than 5 minutes on site? In Internet terms it is a very long time. Another interesting thing to think about is that the majority of the site’s traffic comes from search engines. Most people search the words “food network” on Google to get to the site:


But get this, Foodnetwork is ranked first in the State yet it is only third in the global rank. The top food sites in the globe are two Asian sites, one Chinese site and another one Japanese. Now here is something interesting to know – United States is the third biggest country in the world, and whilst Japan is the tenth, the Japanese food website is bigger…

After revealing all of this statistics you can go to the bottom of the page and take a peek at other similar sites form the food category. It’s a fast easy way to see related sites like the ones you like. You can filter the results to see the highest ranked sites it the category or the most similar sites to the one you’re currently looking at…


Have a tasty week…


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