Ice Bucket Challenge Conversion Rate – How Many People Are Donating?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the social viral sensation taking the web by storm and has crossed out of the social media realm and into the main stream media. Which leads to the big money question: How many people are actually donating money to cause vs. how many just douse themselves with icy water?

We will never know the true number of people who have done the ice bucket challenge, but we can look at the traffic to the ALS Association Website to see what % of visitors are making donations.

Impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge on Donations:

Prior to the Ice Bucket Challenge the ALS Association Website ( was averaging close to 8000 visitors a day. Using the moving window in SimilarWeb PRO shows that over the last 4 weeks the average number of visitors rose to 630,000 average daily visitors, an increase of 7,775%.


In July 11% of visits at clicked on the donate button to go make donations. announced on August 24th that it had already raised $70 million over the last 4 weeks from 1.3 million donations. This tracks against 10.3 million visitors to their website over this period as measured by SimilarWeb, resulting in 10% of web visits converting into real money donations for

Media Impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Youtube over the past 4 weeks over collected 2.3 million visits based on searches from search engines that were related to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Celebrities taking the challenge were the top searches.

Here are the top 5 celebrities ranked in order of their search engine popularity for driving traffic to YouTube.

  1. Charlie Sheen
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Chris Pratt
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Kate Upton

News Media

Many news sites have jumped on stories about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • CBS News – ALS is the #7 trending news topic keyword referring traffic to the site.
  • – Ice Bucket Challenge was the #4 top traffic referring keyword. During the peak of the trend was averaging over 200,000 visits a week on ALS and Ice Bucket Challenge search terms from search engines.


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