In Honor of GoPRO upcoming IPO, Here Are Some Online Traffic Statistics

action-photography-gopro-hero3-1GoPRo is just before its IPO and as a personal fan of their cameras, I’ve decided to run a website traffic analysis and measure their success, at least in terms of internet traffic. I’ve checked’s traffic worldwide, including only desktop users for the past 6 months.

Let’s first have a quick look on where stands in SimilarWeb Rank:

  • Global Rank – 5,937
  • Country Rank (US) – 4,448
  • Category Rank (Consumer -> Electronics) – 65

Already a nice start with quite a high rank in its category.

Monthly Visits Growth

GoPRO has had a steady growth in visits from September till December and a slight decrease between December and January. However, when analyzing this data an important factor to consider is the effect of the holiday season in this growth and decrease – December had a steep increase, comparing to November and while traffic has dropped between December and January, January still showed growth comparing to November.

monthy-visits-gopro Website Traffic Overview by SimilarWeb PRO

Traffic Sources:

Most Traffic sources to are from Search Engines (42%), but they also have a lot of direct traffic (34%). It seems that they have a log of social activity (8%), and a hint of affiliate’s activity (14%).

Most of their search traffic comes from Organic Search. Combining this statistics with the fact that search is their number one traffic source, you can conclude that the interest level in this website, and probably this product, is quite high. The list of referring keywords also strengthens this assumption with almost 50% of the Search Traffic coming for ‘gopro’, and almost 20% coming from ‘go pro’. With such audience interest, they don’t even have to bother themselves with trying to get ranked for general terms such as ‘HD cameras’. On the other hand, think of the website traffic potential they have if they do…


Search Traffic to by SimilarWeb PRO


Social Activity:’s social activity is not surprising, though you can see Facebook in the top of the list (as always), the runner up is YouTube. For a Company that sells cameras, it makes a lot of sense to take full advantage of this traffic source.


Referring domains to by SimilarWeb PRO



Popular Pages

This is the distribution of traffic between the most popular directories (including their subpages and directories), in

–          /products, including all subpages – 24%

–          /cameras, including all subpages – 20%

– – 19%

–          /daily-giveaways, /daily-giveaway-confirmation, including all subpages – 8%

–          shopping/checkout.ssp – 0.48%’s top 2 directories are products and cameras. This indicates highly targeted traffic which is interested in their products. There next top page, or in this case SubDomain, is After the root domain this is the most visited domain for this site, which tells us something about the size of the French market for GoPRO. The next is the list is the daily-giveaways page, which shows a substantial use of the good old Razor and Blades business model. Finally, their checkout page, which is further the line of the conversion funnel, shows only 0.48%, which could be better.


It seems that GoPRO has a lot more space to grow. Since they’re current success is mostly based on their brand name and PR work, by adding more marketing channels, they can increase their traffic. They also have a lot more space to grow within local market which, at the moment, mostly focused on France. Last, but not least, they might want to consider improving their conversion funnel, in order to improve their conversion rate.

Good luck with your IPO GoPRO!


About the Author -

Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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