Top U.K. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for 2015

SimilarWeb is proud to release the complete rankings of U.K. media publishers and publications of 2015.

The data was collected by examining the top publishers and publications based on combined desktop and mobile page-views in the U.K in 2015. Not all of the publishers and publications are U.K.-owned but, instead, they represent the most read media in the U.K. In the lists below, SimilarWeb data is used to uncover the top 50 publishers and publications along with a link to discover the next largest in each category.

These media publishers are led by the British Broadcasting Corporation who top the list with close to 19 billion page-views. Next on the top publishers is MSN with over 5 billion page-views. MSN was the top publisher in the U.S. with over 27 billion page-views, but ranks second on the U.K. list. More on the top U.S. media publishers and publications can be found here.  After MSN, in third place, DMG media had over 4 billion combined page-views on their publications which include and



These top 10 publishers make up a huge chunk of the U.K. media market and own more than half of the entire industry. When compared to the next 140 biggest publishers, these top 10 publishers take a full 65% of the traffic share.


Discover the top 50 media publishers in the U.K. in 2015:

top 50 publishers

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Moving to the top publications, 7 of the top 10 are British domains, with leading the pack with over 18 billion page-views in 2015. The non-British domains include and 2 Polish language publications: which had 1½ billion page-views in the U.K. and which has slightly less page-views, with 1.3 billion. These two Polish sites are both well-read in the U.K. and are mostly viewed on mobile devices. Both publications receive close to 60% of their traffic from mobile devices.




Though both Polish publications are heavily mobile, neither make the top 10 list of U.K. publications based on mobile percent traffic share. That distinction belongs to the American women’s health online magazine Of’s 147 million page-views, a whopping 81% came from mobile devices in the U.K. The list below details the top 10 publications ranked on mobile traffic share, the largest publication on the list in terms of page-views is a website that received 73% of their 1 billion page-views from mobile mobile



Discover the top 50 media publications in the U.K. in 2015:

top 50 publications

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*Sites with a small audience and sites that were not media-related were omitted from the calculations.

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