U.K. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for February 2016

In the ever-changing world of media publishers and publications, there is one thing you can always count on – SimilarWeb’s comprehensive media rankings. For UK publishers and publications, we have updated the list to reflect February data and have added some insights into the top media apps in the UK. Furthermore, consistent with our US publishers list, we have now segmented Yahoo’s news properties and have added several new publications and publishers that did not appear in the January rankings.


Among the top UK media publishers there was no change in 1st or 2nd place as the British Broadcasting Corporation continues to dominate with 1.8 billion February page-views. DMG Media remained in second place, but in third Yahoo was able to jump 3 spots and push several other large publishers down the list. In terms of overall growth, Spanish publisher Unidad Editorial shot up 58 places and had over 10 million UK page-views in February. Tab Media, Ltd. also showed immense February growth as the publisher who owns thetab.com rose 40 spots in our rankings. On the opposite end, SFG Media Group, LLC dropped 42 spots and now rank 146th overall.


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Turning now to media publications, several UK media sites saw huge growth in February and 9 sites saw their place in our rankings rise by 50 or more places. Leading the pack was espn.co.uk, the sports giant’s UK based website. Pages per visit to the site rose on both desktop and mobile and had an average overall growth of 33%. The publication showing he second most amount of growth was viz.co.uk a cartoon publication whose traffic grew significantly since January. The site had 661,700 desktop and mobile visits in the UK in January, but jumped to 1,151,500 in February, an impressive growth of 74%.


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Finally, in addition to media websites and publishers, there are a variety of media apps that are quite popular among UK app users. To determine the top UK media apps, we used our exclusive Usage Rank which takes into account several key app metrics. In the chart below we have ranked10 apps by Usage Rank, and also show the percent of Current Installs on UK android devices and the percent of users who use the app on a daily basis – Active App Users. Furthermore, the last column shows the percent of app retention after 30 days. This retention rate is analyzed over a 30 day period, starting from day 0 which refers to the day of installation. By the 30th day, many users have stopped using the app completely and in some cases the app will be uninstalled from the user’s device completely. In fact, research from our recent Uninstalls Report showed that most apps lose more than 77% of users within three days of installation. To discover more on app retention for US news apps, find our recent post on app retention here.


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